Garage Door Exhaust Port

jlhugheyDecember 2, 2006

Shop vacuums have high velocity exhaust, which really can stir up noxious/toxic dust in the area you are trying to vacuum. To avoid this, I just purchased extra segments of hoses to vent it out the door. In very cold weather, my planned solution is to have a covered port (or something similar)in the garage door where I can put the exhaust hose.

When I went to Lowes or Home Depot, all the staff could locate were Close Dryer vents, which were not much use here. Google does not offer a clue either, except to send me here for the first time (Lucky, I guess).

Anyone have any simple ideas? Is there a place selling these items online, or a distributor you can suggest?

My backup plan is just to buy a hose connector and mount/epoxy it on an adapter plate, then attach the plate to the garage door. However, I would prefer to have a simple port with a slideable shield.

While I am at it, in general, are there speciality places that offer adaptable hood-like vents with tools such as a grinder or a table saw, where the vents can be attached to a shop vacuum? Better still, if you have a URL with do-it-yourself ideas, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your help.

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Go to google and type in Service Spring Corp. Do a sight search and Garage door exaust ports. They will have a couple of links to try. You may also try a local door dealer.

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How about going to a woodworking store, and getting a 'dust collection blast gate'? It is used for vacuum systems where you can direct the suction to one or two devices at a time instead of losing suction over all of one's powertools at once. Rockler woodworking stores have them. I don't know if the following link will work, but I went to and did a search on 'blast gate'.

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