mowhawk over low pile carpet

andrelaplume2June 28, 2013

Situation: Beauty Shop (rented) I believe floor is concrete and originally was covered in ugly linoleum or sheet vinyl. 10 years ago we installed new flooring over the old: in the reception area � 100 sq ft or, inexpensive low pile carpet was glued over the linoleum. The work area � 225 sq ft had new linoleum/sheet vinyl glued down over top old.

Well, the wife wanted to replace the flooring�both looked faded/dirty etc and she wants a change. She had someone in who waxed (?) the work area and decided she wants to keep that but she is still sick of the 100 sq ft of carpet.

She�d like some sort of laminate in the reception area. We have seen cheaper discounted stuff with a 10 year warranty. 100 sq ft should be simple enough for us to install ourselves and can be had pretty cheap�as little as $1 a sq ft for some Mohawk closeout stuff...8mm layer...

1) Do we rip up the layer of carpet and linouleum? Its down tight. I think that would be a real pain and may need professionals.
2) Can we just install this 100 sq ft of laminate right over the carpet as a floating floor? When it wears out, just remove and replace?
3) If we need to remove the carpet and linoleum, would that eliminate the laminate as an option since I am back to concrete�and I wonder how smooth the floor would be�glue spots etc.
4) Note the salon is not heavily used, just 3 to 4 days a week�which is likely why the flooring there now has lasted so long.

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the carpet, any pile, is too flexible to leave under a solid flooring such as laminate or engineered wood.

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I initially thought that but the pad they sell for under the laminate is almost as high as the carpet. Right now everything is smooth and flat. After the carpet and vinyl comes up, I am not so sure that will be the case and I understand I have to put this laminate floor pad stuff down anyway.

Note this is sort the indor/outdoor grade carpet, when I say low pile its almost ni pile! Also, I just saw this post referring to some Lowes brand laminate..

"SwiftLock laminate flooring is appropriate for any room and can be installed over ceramic tile, concrete, well-bonded vinyl or board/ply underlayments. It can even be installed over short pile carpet that is less than 1/4" high and has no pad underneath"

I guess my question becomes, what could happen, and how long could it take to happen? The flooring expense is only $125 or so and it should install fairly quickly and painlessly...still why waste my time if a week later the thing is buckling or something....5 years later...we could likely live with that...


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