Craftsman garage door light blinking locked??

soundcreationDecember 21, 2008

Thank goodness for sites like this.My problem sounds similiar to others I have read on the forum but different too!!My Craftsman 1/2 is blinking constantly on the wall panel and my remotes will not work at all,the wall button works fine.I replaced the batteries in the remotes and tried holding the other two smaller buttons because I had read that one of these are the lock feature.My remotes are quite old so there isn't any indication which button is the lock button.This didn't solve the problem.I have spent hours on this and would truly appreciate any help!!!



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The buttons on the remotes are not lock buttons. If you have a wall control with 3 buttons, one of them is the lock button. Hold this button in for 3 seconds and release. If you only have 1 button on your wall control you need to program your unit. Locate the smart/learn button on the back of the motor unit. Now hold down the large button on your remote and press and immediately release the smart learn button. Do this for each remote. Should do it for you.

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Hi Don.Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you.I thought a response might come back in my e-mail saying someone had posted a reply.I even had a tricky time finding my original post!!Not much of a computer guy and even less of a garage door repair man!!I tried your suggestions and 30 seconds later my garage door remotes were working!!Yahoo!!I'm sure I speak for alot of people on this forum when I say Thanks A Million for helping out all of us "Garage door opener"impared people!!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas


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