garage door opens with multiple openers

muckelroyDecember 6, 2008

I need help. I have a Craftsman 139.53627SRT GDO. I recently noticed that the door opened on its own while we were gone for a few hours. So, being very freaked out, I thought it would be a good idea to reprogram the codes on our remotes.

I remember there being a bunch of DIP switches inside the remotes. So, following the directions printed on my GDO unit, I pressed and held the green programming button for about 10 seconds and let go. Doing this caused none of my remotes to open the door -- which I expected.

Then, I opened up one of my remotes and completely changed the DIP switches. Then, as instructed on my opener, I held the remote button, at the same time I pressed the programming the green button on the GDO once, and kept holding the remote button until the lights on the GDO flashed off and back on. That caused the remote in my hand to now work.

SO, I tried the other remote that still had the old code on the DIP switches, but the darn thing still worked.

I tried unplugging GDO unit and removing batteries from both remotes. I then put power back in to GDO and tried the process over from scratch, with the same result.

Is this supposed to happen? I thought that remotes would only open the same GDO if the codes on the DIP switches matched?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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I would suspect the remote with the old DIP switch setting. Check to make sure the switch inside is not stuck in the on position. If it is it could have reprogrammed the original setting while you were programming the other one. Maybe remove the battery just to make sure. You are doing everything right otherwise.

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If the switch on the old remote is stuck and transmitting signal, then wouldn't the remote with the NEW Dip-switch setting not work?

I was under the impression that the garage door would only open with ONE DIP-switch setting, but in fact, it is opening with both remotes, and even the original remote that came with the GDO, regardless of the positions of the dip switches. After re-programming, I can make a complete-opposite change to the DIP switches and all the remotes STILL work -- now, correct me if I'm wrong, but something tells me that's a security issue and it's not supposed to happen? (My issue is opposite of most, in that my garage door remotes work TOO well -- scary well.

I'll try removing all batteries and inserting them one-at-a-time, but I have a feeling this may be a deeper issue with the GDO -- any thoughts?

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If you erased the memory the door should only operate with the remotes that you program unless the dip switches are set exactly the same. It will accept more than 1 dip switch setting if you program them both. This is what could be confusing.

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It looks like I'll need to get a new control board for my GDO. Even after doing a complete hard-reset with no batteries in the remote, the issue persisted no matter what the DIP switch was at, remotes opened the door.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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