Tung oil finish ok with peanut allergy???

satsynanaJune 25, 2011

Help please...our grandson has a peanut allergy. We were planning to use pure tung oil to finish our walnut and reclaimed oak flooring but need to know if it will adversely affect our grandson. Any ideas or where I can get definitive answers?

Thank you!

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Ask your children to ask his allergist or pediatrician.

Tung oil comes from a nut ... but I don't think it's in the same plant family as peanuts

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Perhaps it might say something on the can? We used Waterlox and it mentioned on the can that people with severe peanut allergies might react until it had cured. I don't have the can in front of me, but I believe it (or someone else) said it took 30 days to cure.

I would definitely do some more research to be sure.

My friend's son had severe peanut allergies and we didn't let him come over to our house for a while after we did the floors. He did eventually come over months later and was fine.

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My son has a severe peanut allergy and I I have never come across this specific subject. Three things to consider:
1) Most people's food allergies are only to INGESTING the protein they are allergic to. Is he still so young he would be licking the floor?
2)Does he have asthma? It is extremely rare that an allergic reaction occurs in the lungs, but having diagnosed asthma increases the chance this can happen by breathing in proteins.
3) Being allergic to peanuts does not mean you are anaphylactic to nuts, and tung oil comes from a nut and maybe even a seed, both of which are not a peanut nor a legume. If your grandson is allergic to peanuts and not consuming nuts it is because of cross contamination: most nut shelling companies also shell peanuts on the same line, mixing up the proteins. This would not be an issue with tung oil as it is probably so over-processed, any proteins would be cooked away, and it is not a peanut!
If it was my non-asthmatic, only peanut allergic grandson, I would keep him away for 30 days after applying the tung-oil, then not worry about it at all. You are being a super grandparent worrying about this!!!!!!!!!

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