2yr old Grandson is terrified to go to bed!

cluckieJune 17, 2010

Has anybody any thoughts, as to how to help my 2yr old Grandson, overcome his fears.

It only started a week ago. His parents trying to put him to bed. and screams in complete terror.

When he came over last saturday to stay. We kept him up a little longer. with the hopes he would go straight to sleep. no, it didn't work. He just screamed, and a look of fear in his eyes.

Has anybody had this trouble with their Grandchildren?

This is my only Grandchild, and would love to be able to help him.

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Something must have scared him, so everyone needs to go back to the night before this started and figure out what it was and then come up with a strategy to reassure him that he is safe and loved.

Was it a thunderstorm, a scary TV show, cartoon, movie or news program, a scolding, a bad dream, a big change at home? Whatever it was, he's connecting it with bedtime and being alone. Once you all figure it out, it, might not be too hard to fix.

Good luck.

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I remember when my son was two (He'll be 40 in the fall!) I told him that one of our dogs went to sleep when indeed, she had been euthanized. He was terrified to go to sleep as well. I managed to talk to him and find out what had scared him, and then told him that the dog had died, not gone to sleep and then he was fine. So I concur that something must have scared him, and wish you the best in finding out what did.


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Thank you momj47 for your reply, none of the things you mentioned seemed to apply.
Although he did go to creche, all day. Maybe something there had happened.It was a couple of weeks ago now, so I do not suppose they would remember now if anything had happened there.
But it is a thought. thanks again for that.

Thank you cocooner for your thoughts. You are right children can misconstrued what you say to them, so that is a tought too.

Many thanks, a worried newby Grandma

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Leave a lite on for him, read to him during the day in his bed, tell him Grandma or Mom needs to lay down and rest and his bed is so soft and nice. Maybe happy times associated with his bed during the day will make the bed less fearful. My son went through a stage of being afraid of the dark. I put a 10 gallon aquarium in his room and used it as a night light. He watched the fish, when I felt the time was right I told him if the lights aren't turned off every once in awhile algae grows and the fish won't like it. Pretty soon he was telling me to turn it off. I never closed the doors in our house for ventilation reasons so there was always some light while we were up and our voices probably help him adjust.

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Thank you vala55.
It's certainly worth a try with reading in his bed during the day, seems like a good idea.
I shall try it with some toys too.
The fish sounds like a good idea too. he does love to look at fish.
Thank you again for your thoughts.
I hope it works, he is so distressed still, and we have tried so many things, it's the shrill cry that is so upsetting. If you go to walk away.

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