Cutting and Laying Tile

johnc777June 7, 2012

Please see my previous post "Floor Construction" for more details on the project. The better half has decided that the bathroom needs a bit of updating and she would like new tile and some bead board on the walls.

My plan was rip up the old tile and substrate, fill in with OSB, a layer of 1/2" cement board over that and then tile. So far, so good. Or at least I think so.

The tile she picked is 6" x 36" and looks like weathered wood. Overall I think the effect will be pretty sharp but I'm worried about the technical difficulties of working with the tile. I've done tile work before but with traditional square tiles up to about 12".

I'm thinking, in order to maintain the appearance, that I need a pretty thin grout line for this new tile. That makes me think that the tiles need to be aligned pretty darn carefully.

As I was laying in bed last night I'm wondering how the heck I'm going to rip this tile to width. Most rental wet saw don't have anywhere near a 36" capacity. I know they make saws that big but finding one might be a challenge. Rent a saw with an 18" capacity and flip the tile over? Rent one of the saws that look like a small table saw? I'm wondering about ripping accurately with such a small to mention those tend to have pretty small motors and this tile is 7/16" thick.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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You can always cut halfway thru and then flip the tile to complete the cut. Best used where the baseboard will hide it eh?

Most of these tiles have a bit of "cupping" to them, so you want to stagger them at 1/3 or at worst, 1/2. You should be able to set them pretty close. I've even butted them on the side with NO grout and it looked fine....

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