Rejection by grandchild

coolgrandJune 22, 2011

I have recently been rejected by my 21-month-old grandchild. I have gone from favored person in her life.....often preferring me over mom and dad. Suddenly, and in a one-week period she has quit coming to me, isn't happy to see me (often saying "no no" and crying). I am trying to understand. Nothing has changed....same routines, etc. She even hit me a few times when I wasn't even interacting with her.....just sitting in chair in the same room. She goes to everyone else as always....happy to see them! I am heart-broken.

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Have you talked to her mom or dad to find out what is going on in her life. Maybe someone with hair your color caused her to be leery of anyone resembling them.

Maybe she was left with a babysitter about your age and it did not go well. Many things could be in the making of the changes.

Please do not be hurt by a 21 month old, they go through many stages. They sometimes will become more clingy to parents and reject others.

My grandchildren would always go to my husband before they would to me. Some people have that thing that little ones are attracted to.

Do not push toward them, let them warm up to you over time. I have been through this and know what you are going through. Sooner or later your granddaughter will come around again and be your best buddy!

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I think it has to do with the parents.I have grown grands Forthy and older who treat me the same way.Never found out why.I leave them in the hands of the Lord.

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Babies and children go thru stages. I to have been rejected at various times by my grandkids, but have worked things out. We cannot blame the parents for everything, but we can talk things out--sometimes. The kids today are exposed to so much more that we were ever. They see and hear things at a very young age that we did not know until we were married with kids. We to have to listen and with me, if my granddaughters have their electronic stuff glued to there ear, I just laugh and ask them about some of the stuff they have. That is called communication.

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I have a question for other Grandparents. I was alone raising my children so I was not able to save a lot of money and now that I am on Medicare, I am not able to take my 5 Grandkids places. Their Grandfather, my ex and his wife never gave much support to our children and now they have the time and money to take the Grandkids everywhere and I never get to see them. They act like I am nobody and just want to be with the other Grandparents. The kids are 17-3 and I have tried to plan visits but they never want to be with me. I can't compete with money to take them where they want to go. My children know this but make no effort to bring them over or plan me in much. Does any one else have this problem? It makes me so sad. I can't force them to want to be with me. What would others do or say in my case? Thank you.

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to OP - my son is 20 months old and he started to pinch me, hit me, bite me. Does not do this to my husband, so it is just me. It only happens once or twice a day, other times he loves to play with me, runs to me, calls for me, even cries when I go to bathroom - he thinks I am leaving him? Anyways, give a kid (20+ months old) time to re-discover you. Take him to a playground and swing and catch him as he slides down the slide.

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I am experiencing rejection from my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter too. She is sweet and loving with everyone else it seems, but either just ignores me or actually will yell at me, push me away, etc. it is very upsetting and difficult to handle. Amazing to me how such a little person can rock your world. I'm hoping time will help, but I feel like I'm walking on eggshells around her now so she doesn't get mad at me. I'm going to try more little gifts, fun times, laughing off her rejection, etc.

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