going to movies w/ 10 year old boy

grandpoppopJune 5, 2006

I'm taking my grandson to a movie in a couple of weeks. I figured we'd go see Superman (something I figured we both could enjoy), but he wants to see a movie called CLICK starring an actor named Adam Sandler. Is this a movie a 10 year old boy should see? I checked the website and it seemed funny/family friendly enough. What do you think?


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Both of them are rated PG-13. I think he (and you) would probably enjoy CLICK, it should be funny (at least to a 10 year old boy). Boys that age like visual comedy.

Superman is probably not funny, and may be pretty dark, with some violence, not something a 10 year old boy should see.

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Hi, I just joined the group and saw your question. What I have realized is that 10 year olds today are not the 10 years olds that we were at that age. They know more, and have experieced MUCH more. TV, the Internet and movies have exposed them to things we never dreamed of. My advice is if you can't lick 'em, join em. I didn't see 'Click' but whatever it is, I'm sure your grandson has seen much worse and much better. Don't worry, you won't set him on the path to degradation.
Do as much as you can with him. If he'll let you, join him in the things he'd like to do.

There's is a very sweet anecdote on the 'grandkids' section on a site called LetLifeIn.com about a grandfather taking his grandson to a Red Sox game.
I think it kind of summed it up for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Let Life In

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