Help! Need a girls name

dewdropJune 1, 2007

Our daughter is expecting her second child. A girl. She is looking for a really different name. Something you never hear. Our first grandbaby they named Jaedyn Lynsey. We really like it. We need help with another name. Any suggestions? We need names.



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Here's a few of our neighbor's granddaughter's names as well as our granddaughter's name -

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My daughters name is Cristyna (Cris Tie Na) but we just call her Tyna, a name that is seldom heard, if ever. She is named after my great grandmother. Only know of 1 other, and that is a girl that was named after her because the parents wanted a different name, and liked it.

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If you are looking for an unusual name, my name is Felicity which means happiness. Everyone who learns my name loves it. I've worn it with pride for 65yrs

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My daughter is naming her's Chloe My favorite aunts name was -Faustina- some called her Tina Guess that was popular 100 years ago.

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Our Great Granddaughter, born last Saturday, is Summer. I really like it.

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And wasn't that the first day of summer? Great name!

Seems today's parents are going for the unusual. I thought I did too years ago, only to find that everyone was naming their daughter Jennifer then.

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Seems there's also a trend back to old fashioned names. I go to classes with my granddaughter and some of the names of the two year olds are Abigale, Lucille, Rebeka, Elizabeth, Janice, Susan, and MaryBeth. Some of the boys names are Timothy, Mathew, Jonah, Nick, Paul, and Thomas.
Seems there is a trend for the new and also the old.

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