Sears Garage Door Opener Has no Power

birdsogDecember 17, 2008

I have just replaced the drive geare and worm gear on my opener Model 41A4315-7 chain drive. After putting it back together and tried to open the garage door it blew the house fuse. I am certin I connected the wires corectly. After I reset the breaker there is no power to the door opener.

I have checked the outlet and there is power to it. Is there a reset button or a way to troubleshoot to see if the opener has power.......Thanks.

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There is no reset button in the opener. As you found out it uses the house breakers. What wires did you disconnect? The only way to check for power is a volt meter.

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I disconnected the motor wires three to be exact. Red, white, and blue and connected it back correctley. not much to it.

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Yes you are right there isn't much to replacing three wires but you did say it blew the house fuse.

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