Makayla can make crepes

annie1992February 27, 2014

These were actually last weekend when my brother and I spent the night with Grandma and Elery.

Grandma showed me how easy it is to make crepe batter in the blender. Then I heat the pan, put 1/4 cup of batter on it and quick, quick, move the pan around to make the batter cover the bottom of the pan.

After some practice, they aren't so lopsided as they were the first few times I made them.

Then you take a spatula and flip them over, but don't bend the edge under like I did with this one.

These were the ones we had for breakfast. Grandma and I made chocolate filling, and then some sweet cherry sauce for the top with sweet cherries from the freezer. We had some whipped cream too, and a sprinkle of granola.

I love crepes.


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I love crepes too, and yours look perfect! Your toppings aren't too shabby either!

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I love crepes too, and yours look perfect! Your toppings aren't too shabby either!

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Come to New York on July 14th.

That is French Bastille Day.

There are many vendors selling crepe in street fairs. $4.00 each.

You can make huge money!


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dcarch, don't give her any ideas, she's already decided that "we" should sell garden produce, extra eggs and "some baked stuff", like muffins, breads and cookies. The farm is adjacent to the National Forest, which has a designated area for people to ride horses. The people who go to the "horse camp" drive right past the farm. She's sure we can make enough money to send her to medical school. Or Harvard. Or both. (grin)

She's gone home now, but maybe she could make crepes spread with homemade jam for the "horse people"!


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They look delicious!

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Oh what a delight your granddaughter is. She is so talented too in her cooking skills. Willing to learn anything new. I love how she shows what not to do in her pictures. Maybe she can teach an old person(me) some new tricks. lol I always look forward to Makayla's new cooking adventures.

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Wow, she's a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen!
Now I want a crepe with your toppings.

I love it that she wants to sell homemade goodies. It looks like she's always "thinking."

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Makayla, you are an inspiration to me. In all my years I have never made them but do remember my Oma making them for me. She would fill them with lingonberries and whipped cream.

I will try to make them this weekend.


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Well. Makayla, you are WAY ahead of me!
I've never made (or eaten) a crepe at all!
Yours look delicious!

So glad you are sharing your cooking and baking
experiences with us!

And keep that thinking cap on!
I baked breads, cookies, cakes, etc for several years,
And sold them at a local arts & crafts co-op
We used to have in our town.
It's a fun way to earn a little extra pocket change,
AND an excuse to keep baking
a lot more than the family needs to be eating.



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Too cool! How many adults don't know how to make crepes.
I'll show Lily your tutorial. She did make lemonade this week. Beau sliced 2 pounds of lemons for her and she made the simple syrup and squeezed the lemons.

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beachlily z9a

I've never made crepes either. I've had wonderful crepes in South Carolina with chicken and mushrooms in wine sauce. Beautiful and awesome! I've got to learn how to do this. I even have the pan.

Your are an inspiration, Makayla! Glad you like the lemons!

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Another one here who has never made crepes. Makayla, you have inspired me to try them. I sure do like to eat them

There is a food truck near the U of Pennsylvania that sells them and people come from all over the city for them.

I think "The Monkey Princess' Creperie" has a nice ring to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crepe Truck

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Now you can add another one who has never made crepes to your list, Makayla. I've had some wonderful ones over the years and never attempted them myself. You are one talented young lady and I think your idea of selling home made baked goods and crepes is an excellent way to earn money for college. Keep up the good work and keep posting pictures, please.


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I love crepes also - maybe I will make some tomorrow - I haven't made them in a while.

I like your crepe pan (that is an essential tool) - mine is only seven inches diameter, and therefore my crepes are very small and it takes me that much longer to go through the batter. I can only use 1/8 cup at a time in the small pan. I should get a bigger one or try using another pan I have that is not really ideal but might work.

I've never made chocolate crepes, but I have some chocolate sauce (that is very thick) in the fridge. I generally fill them with salmon or else chicken and mushrooms and serve them for lunch or dinner.

I bought some fig preserves at a Lebanese market last week-end - maybe that would be a good filling for breakfast crepes. I used to make fig preserves and give them away, and now that I do not have a fig tree, I decided I wanted the preserves myself!

How do you make the sweet cherry sauce? Do you use canned or bottled cherries? That sounds really good, and I would like to try it.


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Lars, we used sweet cherries from the freezer that we had picked and frozen last year. We added no sugar because they are already so sweet and just a couple of spoonfuls of cornstarch to the juice when they thawed. With the chocolate it was very good, I think I'd have liked the cherries all by themselves without even the chocolate.

The fig preserves on a crepe sounds delicious, BTW. The next time Makayla is here, we may have to try it.


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Have never nade crepes but SuRE Makayla could teach me how!! This is fabulous!

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