What is a Grandparent to do?

Karen357May 29, 2013

My daughter and her five year old son live with me. She is not working but my have a job that starts next week. She seems to be only interested in the phone. When the boy gets up in the morning he wakes me first. I always have him go wake up his mother. He always tells me he does not want to. He still wakes her. Then she will come down after about 20-45 mins. I will sometime already have breakfast made for him because he tells me he is hungry. I don't want him to suffer. She has her phone in her had all the time. She is always online doing something. She will set him in front of the TV and ignore him. He will ask her questions three or four times before she answers. She is so into the phone that she does not see what he is doing. If he is jumping on the couch, she tells him to stop, he still jumps five minuets later she tells him to stop again. Then again, then she will start yelling at him to stop. She never gets up to stop him from doing anything. I have told her that he is doing this for attention but she has informed me I know nothing. When I ask her not to yell at him she will say," Why you yelled at me" I have explained if I did then I was wrong and she should try to be a better mom than me. I have seen an entire day go by, where she has her phone in her had all day not talking to her son except to discipline him. I have taken him for the day because it makes me so sad to see the way she treats him. I know she need to take care of him but she is just mean. I do take over because I can not stand the (in my opnion) neglect. He has some development issues but is extremely smart. He is not perfect, but he is only five. My daughter won't go to any parenting classes nor will she try to make friends with other mothers. What is a Grandparent to do?

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besides child neglect, - does she do anything in your house to help you? cooking? cleaning?

who pays for the phone and the internet plan? If it is you, then cut the plan off. If she stays home, then she does not need a fancy phone, or any phone at all.

If she acts like she cannot take care of another human, and she still needs to live with her mother - then you need to act as if both of them your children. Set the boundaries for her and give her tasks. She can baby-sit her 'little brother'.

Kicking her out of the house would be cruel to the child. Does he go to kindergarden? does he play with other kids?

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