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ratherbesewingJune 12, 2014

It's time(well actually, it's past time) for my annual virus protection purchase for my pc. I currently have McAfee and it's renewal is $79 for the year. Other programs are much cheaper-$29-$59. What do you currently use?

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We've used ESET for several years and been happy with it. It's also a program that isn't a huge space hog like Norton with a zillion extra features that you don't need and just slows your computer down.

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I use McAfee. It comes with my Cox Communications cable service.

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I use Avira - free version. I quit using McAfee after I got a major malware infection while using it. I worked with some technical geeks on an online forum to fix the malware and they recommended Avira. Haven't had a problem since I started using it.

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Here's the CNet review on ESET that Anna recommended. Using the downloads direct from CNet is a small extra layer of security because sometimes you can get to the wrong (trojan)website by mistake and download something malicious. ESET seems to have pretty good reviews, and a 30 day free trial, too.

I use a combination of Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes.

Here is a link that might be useful: ESET on CNet

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I swear it was McAfee that gave me a really bad virus and we had to replace my computer. Long story, but I ended up buying Norton.

The current Norton is a lot better than the older version. Remember when Norton and McAfee were about all there was, and people fled from Norton and went to McAfee? Now the opposite is true.

So far so good!

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I use Norton, but I don't buy it from Norton. I google it and buy it from third-party sellers. I paid $19 for it in May.

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I pay 2.00 monthly through my cable provider

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Microsoft Essentials is free and has good ratings too. Was recommended by someone and we have hand no problems with it.

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I use Avast, the free version. It was recommended by the geek squad at Best Buy and it does everything I need, but I've been thinking of upgrading to the paid version.

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Comodo antivirus + firewall, both free, zero issues.

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I use Panda Light, the free verson; it was recommended by the IT supervisor at work.

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