Sears garage opener thinks its in open position

timsrDecember 15, 2008

Sears garage door model 139.53991 - The garage door lost its mind and thinks its in the open position when the door is actually closed... It happened over night. I haven't replaced any gears or perfomed any other maintenance on it. How can I get the remotes (wall and portable) in sync with the opener??? Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks

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Could you explain what it is actually doing? I know the door is closed but what does it do when you press a button?

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Hi, The door is closed and when I hit the wall or hand held opener control it makes noise as if it wants to work. After further inspection I noticed the "shaft" attached to the top of the opener is trying to turn, but in the close position direction (I think turning left). I have an identical opener that still works and verified the correct "open" direction is the opposite way for the shaft to be turning when closed to open (I think right, clockwise). I used a screwdriver touching both the working andd non working shaft to determine the direction it tries to turn. I hope this information is enough for you to provide guidence on repairing it. Thanks again. Tim

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You can try adjusting the 'down limit'. It is on the side of the motor unit and you need to turn it in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. Might not be a bad idea to remove that cover and take a look at the limit switch assembly. You should get an idea how it works and what is happening.

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Thanks, I'll try the down limit... Next I'll check the Limit switch assembly behind the cover. First I need to research what the limit switch is for and how it works like you said. Thanks again and have a happy holiday if I don't hear back from you.

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