Problem programming 2nd transmitter on Craftman 1/2 hp opener

jimbmillerDecember 13, 2006


I'm having a problem with the Sears 1/2 HP manufactured 1998. We have 2 transmitters (original). The batteries died on one. We replaced them then we followed the instructions to reset. It worked but the other transmitter stopped working. We have since found that when we follow the instructions for either transmitter, 1 will be programmed, the 2nd will not. We have erased all transmitter codes. We then press the reset button momentarily and push the transmitter button. The overhead light on the opener flashes and the 1st transmitter works correctly. We then press the reset button momentarilty again - only until the LED light on the opener is lit solid, not until it flashes. We push the 2nd transmitter button and nothing happens. The overhead light on the opener does not flash and the LED light eventually goes out. The 2nd opener does not work. We have tried switching openers to prove that both are in working order - they are. We also have a keypad outside that we have not yet even tried to reprogram.

Any ideas?



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Note - after submitting this, I just saw DonnyMac's posting on 12/8 - Is this the same problem?
Sorry for posting an almost identical question...

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I'm sure you will find you have the same problem as DonnyMac.

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