Grandparent's Rights

rayannasgrannyMay 6, 2009

Yesterday my second grandchild was born, a little boy named Benjamin David Wilson. He has an older sister, two years old named Rayanna Elizabeth Wilson. These beautiful children belong to my daughter Sarah and her husband David.

My mother called me at work yesterday to tell me that Ben was born and since I work across the street from the hospital I immediately ran across the road to see him. I stopped by the nursery and got to see him and his Dad was with him and I noticed that he didn't even acknowledge that I was there. We have had differences in the past that I won't go into now. I then went on to the waiting room where my mother, sister, granddaughter, and David's family were waiting and was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm by all.

This morning I find out that David had a "fit" when he saw me at the viewing window and called the police. He told my sister that he didn't want me around him or his family and the same goes for my husband.

As a grandparent, don't I have the right to see my grandchildren? I am so upset I don't know what to do.

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How sad.

Unfortunately, you don't have any right to see your grandchildren, but you do have an opportunity to figure out what went wrong and try to fix it. If you want to see your grandchildren, you may have to make amends for something that may not even be your fault.

What does your daughter have to say about this? They are her children, too.

It seems extreme for him to have called the police. Is he controlling and abusive, or have things happened in the past that would justify for his behavior?

Good luck.

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Sorry you are going through this, I would suggest you get involved in something other than your grand kids. I know that sounds harsh, but the reality is that if you make peace, something else will come along and they will always use the kids as a weapon.

And no you have no rights and I for one understand that. My MIL was absolutely crazy. She picked up a butcher knife and tried to cut her throat in front of the grand children. It's hard enough to make sure parents are good people without having to check on grand parents.

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