need your ideas for a childrens tea party

loraleeMay 27, 2004

Hi, I am new to this forum, I love THS site I have been a member for several years, since day 1.

I need some ideas. I want to start a tradition with my grandchildren. I am going to hold an annual tea party for my grandaughters ages 5- 9 and have each of them to invite one friend and of course their mothers. What should I do for entertainment? when they get a little older entertainment will be easy. The girls love to dress up so that won't be a problem but playing in fancy dresses might be. Us old folks just sit around and eat and chat.

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Depending on the girls, you may not need any special entertainment. A good friend of mine has a tea every year and invites several young girls. Even the six-year-olds enjoy being all dressed up and getting to participate in what they see as an adult event. They usually end up together, talking.

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You've probably already started your tea parties by now. ;) But I would suggest letting them dress all up in fancy clothes, take pictures, and then let them change into play clothes and just have a ball! I never will forget a birthday party my Mom had for me when I was about 9 yrs. old. We were to dress up like movie stars and I was Linda Darnell!!! Whoopeeeeeeeee We did have such a good time and Mother still has lots of pictures! We drag them out from time to time and get a good laugh! All the other girls had a ball too. Good luck with your tea party.


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