My grandbabies

veradMay 27, 2008

I have 2 grandbabies who are 2 yrs and 7 mos. My son and the mother are so worried about how much drama they can cause, that these babies go through more than they should have too. Tonight they had an altercation in front of my home, when mom came to get the kids. (we have had the kids since 7:30 a.m. friday morning) The babies were in the middle and the police were called. The mother went to jail for "disorderly conduct", and my son was angry at me for the police arriving and taking her to jail, so her left with the babies and the other g'ma and told me I would never see him or the babies again. My heart is broken. I love those kids, and I have them 99% of the time. My son is irresponsible as well as the mom and won't even buy a jar of babyfood for the baby. I buy everything for my home to help them both out. I'm sorry she went to jail, but everytime she comes to my home she starts a fight. My grandson is 2 1/2 and couldn't say a word til I began keeping him, and got him started in First Steps, and my granddaugter had not had her 2 mo shots til I took her last mo. I know the other g'ma and I do not see eye to eye on this. And I don't think she see's what the kids are doing to the babies. What are my grounds on filing for "guardianship" for the children? I truly feel I won't get to see them again, and this is only because I won't tolerate their games where the babies are involved ANY LONGER!

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Don't give up yet. If you had them 99% of the time, you will probably get them back. Most grandparents won't do that, I wouldn't and the other grandmother probably won't. They are lucky to have you.

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This story makes me so furious that I can hardly stand it. My suggestion:

Get an attorney ASAP. If you don't know how to find the right one (I wouldn't!), contact a victim's rights group. Sometimes these are run via the police. I know this because elder DS works as a volunteer in such a group with his local police force. If worse comes to worst you will probably find a pro bono attorney, though they're not always the best.

Keep a written list of every possible thing you recall that has happened - abuse, fights, neglect, jail, the amount of time you spend with the children - and bring that with you. Write it all down.

The sooner you do this, the better. I haven't had experience with such a situation, but I know from DS's previous experience working in a halfway house for children who needed to be immediately removed from their homes, that you do have a chance for guardianship. Those dear babies need you! Good luck!

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