Rude Grandfather

Carlotta_BullMay 20, 2002

I'm sick of my father's rudeness. This man is NEVER late for anything (punctuality is is motto). For the last 6 years, he has arrived 15 minutes after my daughter's school and/or dance performances begin. He disrupts the program by taking his seat & talking loudly, complaining about "having to attend."

I took him at his word. I didn't invite him this year.

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DD has a little playmate, whose grandfather is exactly like that.

When he comes to town, from the moment he gets there, he's griping and planning his trip back. So for their daughters birthday this year, they invited the grandma and not him. They said, "If you want to come, fine. But you're on your own."

He came, and this time he minded his p's and q's for the most part, but he still grumped about a few things. They all feel better, though, now that they told him it's up to him, that since he's miserable the whole time he no longer "has" to attend anything.

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Sounds kind of like my ex (part of the reason he's my ex) who won't be late for anything....unless it involves his family. At least his first family. With the second wife and her darlings, from what I hear, it's different. They've made they're choices, they have to live with the misery they make for themselves. Doesn't help the little kids out much, they need, want, and deserve that love but I fear there isn't much can be done to change someone who just doesn't have it in them. In a way I feel sorry for those people so incapacitated they can't enjoy the love so freely given by little kids. I guess the best anyone can do is help the kids understand that people are as they are and we take the good with the bad. Still it's sad.

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