Rowe Furniture: Good or Bad?

country459October 7, 2007

I've been reading lots of comments on this site (both good and bad) about Rowe Furniture. We've found a few different sofas that we like - they happen to be Rowe Furniture brand, and we don't have any experience with them. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether or not Rowe produces quality furniture? It sounds like the company has had some problems in the past with quality, reliability, etc., but maybe now is back on track? Thoughts? (We'd be buying the sofa from McGregors Furniture/Kenwood House, if that makes a difference.)

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As far as I know they are quite good .

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I bought a Rowe couch that I like but the bottom cushions were crap. I don't know if I failed to get the upgrade cushions or what but they started to collapse after about 1 year. Overall the quality was good.


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Thanks for your opinions. I've heard that about the cushions - I wonder if there is an upgrade I could look into??

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I have a Rowe sectional that I bought through Storehouse a few years ago before it went out of business. I originally ordered the upgraded cushions and I had them come and take them out and replace them with the standard. They were supposed to be a "down blend" and they were a disaster - the leaked feathers all over my house because the chenille of the sofa did not have a protective backing. Now I have the standard cushions and I don't love them either - constantly having to fluff and reshape.

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I would say run, don't walk, away from this. I bought a microfiber Rowe's sofa and loveseat at Jordan's Furniture in MA Â big mistake. The cushions are a disaster and the overall quality of these sofas, in my opinion, is not worth the money or the moving costs. Do some more research, save your money and buy something that is worthwhile. A sofa is a big item and this stuff is not worth the trouble. Pretty fabrics and design don't make a good sofa!

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I have had the same experience as Diane. We bought a Rowe couch and the bottom cushions are terrible--they basically are crushed down after minimal to regular use and fluffing and rotating them does no good anymore. A real disappointment for a major purchase!

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I have had a Rowe Sectional for 8 years. I'm getting ready to replace it just because I'm ready for something new. It looks fine. I have been very happy with it. I had trouble with the welting on one cushion cover and they replaced them all!!! And by the way...if you have problems with their cushions, they are warrantied for a lifetime. I'm about to have them replace the ones on my sofa before I retire it to the bonus room.



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It may be too late for the OP but I feel compelled to stand up for Rowe Furniture (I'm not an employee!). I bought a sofa from them about 10 years ago and it has been wonderful. I didn't order the down cushions. All I know is mine are foam surrounded by batting. The sofa is incredibly comfortable, has held up incredibly well and just feels very solid and exactly like it did 10 years ago. No sagging, pillows aren't indented...

What I really love is that they had a good selection of fabrics for the slipcovered sofas so I bought 2 slipcovers and exchange them back and forth every 6 months. Even though they say not to wash in the washing machine, I do, and the cream chenille has held up great. The deep red chenille looks a tiny bit faded. Even better, they keep all the slipcover patterns on file so you can order a new slipcover years later if you want.

The sofa is so classic looking and comfortable I anticipate owning it for at least another 10 years.

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May be a moot point as I think they are out of business.

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They are still in business. They did have some problems a year or so ago... but pulled through.

I have had one of the slipcovered sofas and loveseats for about 10 years now and am very satisfied with it. My cushions are down and I haven't had a problem with them sagging (although they are not quite as full as they once were). I wash my slipcovers in the washing machine too and they come out like new!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rowe

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Just to sound in--

We've had a Rowe sofa for about 6 years, similar to the Manhattan sofa by PB or C&B (can't remember which). We did not get upgraded down cushions, because I've seen how they can compact. The sofa is in great shape, with light use from two adults. We still probably sit more on the sofa in the den.

About the fitted slipcovers: I was just shopping for them. The salesman said, you need the item number form the furniture tag so they can match the item (if they don't have a record of it, otherwise it's a visual match from a catalog.) Rowe continues to make slipcovers for five years after the style has been discontinued. So if you've had a Rowe sofa for a while and are interested in slipcovers, check into it sooner rather than later as the clock may be ticking!


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I bought a Rowe sofa and love seat, covered in Chenille, thinking it would last for many years. My family consists of just myself and my husband, no children, no pets. We are not hard on furniture. After having the sofa & loveseat for just over two years, the seams started to come apart. I found myself having to sew up seam openings on a regular basis.
Eight way hand-tied is a good thing, but if the seams are not sewn well or the frame is made out of cheap wood, what difference does it make?

After that unhappy experience, I decided to spend the extra money on a top-of-the-line Hancock & Moore. I've had it for four years and it still looks brand new. It is handmade in America by real craftsmen and will last a lifetime. I got leather, but they make sofas upholstered in cloth, too.

I found Hancock & Moore at a discount fine furniture store for 50% off the retail price, which made it about twice as much than a Rowe.

You get what you pay for -- I learned that the hard way.

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Had to post my feelings about Rowe furniture. I purchased a chair and an ottoman from them and after receiving them I was really unhappy with the quality of workmanship. The material was a big paisley print that did not match up on any of the sides of the chair or the ottoman. It was very noticeable. I returned both the chair and ottoman and I am pretty sure that I will not be purchasing Rowe furniture in the future.

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I have had my Rowe couch for probably eight years and have been very happy with it. I did notice recently that the end of the sofa that I sit on a lot has started to get slightly (very slightly) misshapen but all I did was turn the cushion over and it is fine. I think it would have been smart of me to have been turning them periodically anyway.

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My rowe couches were absolute garbage. THey looked trashed after 2 years.

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I agree with ebse, I too bought a Rowe sofa about 8 years ago, the salesman was "so impressed" with the quality, he advised me not to waste my money on the stores extended warranty. He said it was built to last far beyond what any extended warranty would cover it for. It was one of the most comfortable couches I had ever owned, but it looked horrible after LESS than 2 years. A waste of money. My bottom cushions were sagging, BAD. I finally gave it away to a family in need. They enjoyed it for the comfort, and didn't really care about the appearance.

Not sure if the quality has changed since, but I would never buy another one.

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We bought our Rowe couch in 2000. Solid as a rock. Just hoping we can now replace the slipcover. Our microfiber washed liked a charm. Word is Rowe went under for awhile. I would bet they were bought out by someone else or changed quality of furniture in production line. Hence the reason for positive posting years ago to negative posting later on.

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I don't know much about the quality of Rowe but I do know that they used to manufacture the Jonathan Adler furniture line & also owned Storehouse until it went out of business.

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I am likely going to purchase a Rowe sofa and loveseat(very strongly considering it). One thing I am finding on all the furniture threads is that many of these companies have gone through major changes and what was so 10 years ago or even 3 years ago might not be the case. I believe Rowe went through some down times but from what I see I believe they are back to a quality product (and made in USA as is Broyhill) at a moderate price. If anyone has current experience I would really love to hear some.

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Rowe does not have any sofas with 8-way hand tied coil springs. They use cheap plywood frames and manufacture on a assembly line with very little attention for quality.
They also build Clayton Marcus on the same assembly line but the only difference is they have 8-way coil springs but it is not done correctly, and will not last as it should.
I dont recommend anything from Rowe , if you are looking for quality.

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I bought two Fabric loveseats from Storehouse Furniture here in Houston, back in 2001. It went out of business like several years ago, however the salesperson told me my chair was made by ROWE furniture.

Supposedly the cushion has a lifetime guarantee, in 2005, I called Rowe and they replaced two cushions, free of charge. Now it's 2014 and it's almost flat down sagging..I think my cushions are standard as I had no issue with feather flying around (down fill).

However, the Frame Itself I would say it's very good, I have moved 4 times since 2001, and the frame is still solid as ever. Only the cushions and the Removable slipcover fail big time. The velcro don't attach anymore, and for some reason the fabric Shrank so at the corners it's not covered.

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I have had a Rowe sofa for eight years. I have also had problems with cushions. However the furniture store I deal with has replaced my cushions, free of charge every 18 months or so. This was one of the reasons I chose a Rowe sofa. It gets heavy use every day and the back attached cushions are in great shape. In addition, the frame is solid and it is the most comfortable sofa I have ever owned. All my children hope to inherit it.

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Dutseal if the fabric is washable you could try washing the covers and then placing them on the sofa slightly damp. They may fit better this way.

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I have been extremely happy with Rowe furniture. Superior quality and made in the USA. My next sofa will be a Rowe.

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Rowe upholstery has cheap thin pine plywood frames, stapled together with little or no glue. Their is cheaper upholstery than Rowe that uses osb frames. But their quality is not much better than Ashley or Rooms to Go. Rowe uses a fast pace assembly line with very little attention to quality, fit or finish. If you purchase a sofa from Rowe with no problems, consider yourself lucky.

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I guess I should update that I decided to purchase the sofa and loveseat last year (Actually got them Thanksgiving of 2013). Obviously it's not a long time, but I am pleased. I can acknowledge that it is not top of the line, but it's very good. We do use that room heavily so I cant say I expect this to continue to look great after many years. I think it[s priced accordingly so I am fine with that. It does look very nice now, and I do like that it really is made in America.

I don't know about rooms to go but I do know that it's way better than Ashley from what I have seen around here in the northeast.

On another related note, there are Ashley furniture stores in our region- is this the same Ashley people refer to? Because there, any sofa I looked at, had sofa cushions which were NOT covered on both sides. They had Velcro to keep them in place but you could NOT flip them to double the wear or rotate. The stuff in the stores looks attractive, but I really was turned off by that.


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