DL taking 7 year old grandchild to Vegas!?

Justa2012April 3, 2012

My DL isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but she wants to take my little grandson to Vegas with her and her Mom for four days!

I want her to leave him here with me but she seems to have made up her mind.

I never felt that kids and Vegas go well together and he would be much better off with me especially since I keep him everyday she is at work.

Any suggestions how I could make her change her mind or do I have to worry the entire time they are in Vegas?

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I can't help but agree with you but it might be difficult convincing your D(I?)L otherwise. Perhaps if you approach it from the point of view "DIL, don't you think you would have more fun if you didn't have to worry about little GS?" I would have thought there would be rules about where you could take children as well and this might have an impact on DIL's enjoyment if one or the other of them has to stay in the hotel room with GS while the other one has fun in the grown ups' areas... Plus it will be cheaper to leave GS at home- more money she can spend on herself :-)

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Don't try to talk her out of it and don't worry about it either. It's not unusual to take kids that age to Vegas and there are quite a few things there that they can enjoy, such as the hotel swimming pool. You may assume that his mother and other grandma will take fine care of him and that it really isn't anything you need concern yourself with. BTW, I am a grandma too and I wouldn't attempt to interfer with a trip like that because nothing good would come from it.

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Good lord, worried about what?? Las Vegas isn't a den of iniquity unless you make it one. Have you ever been there?

Most Las Vegas venues have absolutely marvelous attractions aimed at children. They're FUN! Circus, Circus was a favorite destination when my child was young. And, of course, no gambling takes place in those areas.

There are plenty of other touristy things to do in Vegas, also - Hoover Dam comes to mind, as do many hiking areas. Most of the casino shows are child friendly - many magic shows, Cirque du Soliel, etc.

Are you really that afraid your DIL and her mother are going to abandon the child for evenings of drunken gambling??

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Oh, and by the way, YOU aren't the mother. It's really NOT your place to dictate family vacations.

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It seems Justa2012 was either a troll, or forgot where she posted.

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