Grandparents/help! Need croquet rules/regs/plse?

fuddyduddyApril 24, 2003

Grandson received a brand-new-second hand croquet set for Easter, love the enjoyment of hitting the balls around thru the wickets etc., but have no idea, not even remotely, of how to set up the court. I remember playing as a child, have looked up directions, seem much complication for children, and frustrating on top of it. Just a simple game of lawn croquet is what I am seeking, can someone here help me learn again? Would like some calm entertainment for him.

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I played croquet when much younger, let me see if I can describe the set up for you The post went in the end of the field then first hoop was set one mallet length away with second hoop set 12'-18' from that from there you went to the side and set third hoop all facing the same way, this was placed out about 15 feet and over the width of your playing field then 4th was placed about middle of your field about same distance apart and 5th back to side again so the two side hoops were evenly spaced from the center and parallel to each other then you go back to the other end of field where you set hoops and pole same as other end then put other two hoops parallel to the ones on one side of field to correspond with the other side. hey this is hard to describe in words, would be much easier to draw a diagram. ha ha Each one takes turn hitting ball through hoops, one turn for each hoop you go through( if you go through both hoops at end you get 2 more turns) game goes back and forth till one person goes through all the hoops and back to post, If you play nice, ha ha , you just continue till you have made it back to hit last post, but if you have a little devil in you, you may choose to hit your opponents ball with your ball, then you put your foot on your ball to keep it from moving and hit your ball with mallot to shoot opponents ball out of the playing field, so he can not beat you to next hoop, of course this may come back to haunt you if they find you in line for them to hit your ball. ha ha Hope this helps , It's been many years since we played, but great for all ages.

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