Does the Drive Gear Kit 41A2817 include the sprocket bearing ?

noel_desouzaDecember 4, 2009

Anyone know whether the Craftsman Garage Opener Drive Gear Kit (41A2817) includes the metal sleeve bearing located just under the sprocket ? This is the sleeve bearing located on the sprocket-end of the shaft, and requires removal of the C-Clip to get to. I know I could buy the 41C4220A kit that includes the sprocket and shaft, but all that needs replacing is that sleeve-bearing.

Thanks !

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Used the wrong term in my original post. Replace 'sleeve bearing' with 'flange bushing'

Thanks !

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No it doesn't.

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Thanks don_1_2006 !

I ended up ordering the entire gear, shaft and sprocket (41C4220A) because my sprocket flange bushing was toast.

Turns out that the kit DOES include a flange bushing that could be used to replace the sprocket-bushing (maybe 41A2817 does to) - since both bushings on either end of that shaft are identical - and the kit includes one of them. However, I'm glad I ordered the shaft kit since it turned out my old shaft was worn down too near the sprocket-bushing area.

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