Grandsons 1st Birthday

tennis_tApril 5, 2007

Any suggestions for our only grandson's first birthday? I would like to start some kind of a tradition. Try and keep it consistant every year. The other grandparents bring gifts, gifts, and more gifts on a weekly basis. We told our son and his wife that we prefer not to take part in that. Thoughts?

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I'm not sure what type of a tradition you're looking for. As for the birthday party, that's kind of up to the parents. However, what about doing an album each year and include only photos from that year?
Let us know what type of tradition you're looking for.

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The gift of time is the best gift. I think it would be a great tradition if you would have a day out with him every year. Not on his birthday, but tell him your planned destination every year like the zoo, fishing.... The destination can change every year as he gets older.

Or you could buy him some bonds or something to put away for college.

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Thanks for your ideas. As far as a tradition, we would like to make it somethiing consistant each year with each (future) grandchildren. My children had a very unconsistant Grandmother (not my side)! and would sometimes get their feelings hurt by this. I like the idea of a sum of money, and perhaps a small gift. Deffinatly a day together!!! Thanks all...

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