Grandkids who are snobs

suzanne_granApril 9, 2008

Hi All,

I'm once again looking for your insight for a story I'm doing. Are you grandkids snobs? Do they only want certain kinds of clothes, toys, etc. Are they hooked on certain brandnames. Do they think their school, club whatever is better than any else.

How do you handle it? How do you feel about it. I really need to hear from you and will only use first names and cities or states if you prefer.



By the way, my grandkids are pretty hooked on brand names, especially my granddaughter. She's had favorite clothing stores (expensive ones too) since she was little.

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And how do they get to these expensive stores--on their little tricycles? Paris Hilton and her friends aside--some of the designer clothing craze is over. we live in an affluent neighborhood in California and these kids aren't as much into designer clothes as the generation before. They seem to be more interested in SUV's, cellphones and portable electronic stuff. You don't usually dress up to be on the internet.

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