grandparents announce pregnancy

nana6April 4, 2008

My daughter told me last night she is pregnant and expecting their second child.

When I got home I called my two brothers in excitement to let them know.

My daughter called me this morning and very emphatic that it was not my place to take the joy from them to let others know, and I was totally out of place.

Most new grandchildren-to-be announcements usually come to my husband and I from other grandparents?

Was I really out of line?

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I think you were not out of line. I'm a nana too. I love being a nana and get excited about anything to do w/ my grandbabies. if it was important you not say anything they should have politely asked you not to tell until they had the chance. my daughter always makes sure to ask me not to say anything if she wants to be the one to announce it. (otherwise im emailing and calling asap)
but especially to your own brothers?????

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As happy as you are to be having another grandchild, it's still your daughter's pregnancy and her right to share that news with her uncles. It would be different if you had accidently run into someone and mentioned it or if you called friends of yours that your daughter doesn't really talk to and told them. But to call your daughter's uncles just for the purpose of sharing your daughter's news is somewhat out of line.

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She could have mentioned that she didn't want anyone to know! If it was me I'd probably get on the phone too, I'd be so excited. But it does make me recall when I was pregnant with my third child. It was unexpected. I took my hubby aside and told him that we were expecting and what month the baby would arrive (I hadn't even seen the doctor yet but I knew). I was pretty upset when ten minutes later he turned around and told the other two kids who were four and eight. The cat was out of the bag and I wasn't even showing yet. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy a little secret for a while. So I can understand your daughter's feelings. I am not trying to make you feel bad but show you the other side. I guess she was confiding in you (which is nice) but she should have let you know to keep it secret. In retrospect I knew that I should have told that to my hubby too! She'll forgive only did what you did out of love and excitement. BTW, Congratulations!

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Sorry Nana6, but yes you were out of line.

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Once you tell someone something, it's not a secret any more. I don't think you were out of line.

Does she speak to her uncles often? Would she have called them before the baby was born? They must have contacted her and she was caught by surprise - otherwise, would she have contacted them?

My daughter asked me to call my sisters when she announced to me that she was pregnant (both times), since she keeps in touch with them infrequently, mostly by email. Since they are my sisters, she knows I'll be in touch, right away. She did tell her brother and sister, and her father and his wife (I would never have told them!), and her in-laws.

Congratulations, and enjoy.

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You were not out of line by calling your two brothers...not at all. Your daughter is wrong about this.

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I agree. I had a cousin like that and that was not her only odd behavior.

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Not out a line unless she asked you not to say anything! My DIL would say if she or my son would want to tell everyone...

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