stain did not take sanded too much into the wood of the cabinet

pettifordOctober 3, 2009

I moved into a how so the cabinets where old. I sanded and staine the cabinets. However, in some areas I stained to much into the wood, so the color is uneven, and in other areas there are spots on the cabinets that did not take the stain. What should I do go to a darker stain it is now walnut. I used a stain that already had the polyurthene in it. And what is the best stain to use gloss,semi-gloss,or dress regular staain. My kitchen is walls are yellow and my appliances are black, laminate coutertop that is black with specks are brown,rust and gray.

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I am having problems completely understanding your issue, but I think you have two problems:

1. Sanding is not the way to remove finish. It does not completely nor evenly remove it. There may be some finish left in the pores of the wood that prevent the stain from taking. You may have also sanded through the veneer to the substrate, that is a different density substance. The way to remove old finish is to chemically strip.

2. Using "stain with polyurethane in it" (e.g., Polyshades) is very very difficult to get to apply evenly and without streaking. It is just a terrible product. Use separate stain and finish.

And for your last question, Gloss will show every defect. I recommend a satin or semi-gloss.

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"I moved into a how so the cabinets where old."

I got lost there....

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Right, so much for the argument that you don't need to use standard English to be understood.

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