Painting Garage Drywall

bobby1973November 6, 2013

Hi folks - we're having a new construction home being built with completion right around the corner. The homes in our development that are already completed have those unpainted garages with the bare drywall and the spackle all over the walls and the ceiling. I've always found that hideous, so I approached the painters today, who are currently painting the interior of the house. I asked them for a quote if I were to pay them to paint the walls and. ceiling in the garage. They gave me a quote of $900. I thought that was very excessive, but they explained to me that painting the inside of a garage is much more labor intensive than simply painting a bedroom for example. They said that there are many steps involved including a lot of sanding and mudding (some sort of spackling they do) and then 2 coats of paint. They also said I would need to pay for the paint and they're saying that they will need two of those large 5 gallon paint containers, which will run me about $80. So we're talking about $1,000 just to get the interior of the garage painted. I told him that I have to think about it. I don't know anything about the labor involved in painting a garage, but $1,000 just seems awefully expensive. Does anyone know if this is a fair price for this type of painting?

Thanks kindly everyone!

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What kind of finish do you want and what was he assuming in his quote?
If you don't especially want a smooth, finished look, then sanding and spackling will be minimal. Just masking and spraying or a quick roll-out may be adequate. It could also be done by a handy-man type after the painter completes the rest of the job.
With a two car garage, you're dealing with less than 1,500 sq ft of surface area. Paint will cover at about 400 sq ft per gallon, primer a bit less.

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Sounds like a job that could be done by you after you get moved in?

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That's an easy DIY weekend.

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Depending on the wall surface quality you desiire, makes a big difference. If the mud work is ok and just needs painting, buy some primer and top coat paint and start rolling.
Or, it would be a great job for an airless spray rig.
I bought a new one online for less than $175, new, delivered.
Worked great to spray 1600 sf of ceiling, and a bunch of louvered shutters, as well as the outside of the 1600 sf house. As far as I'm concerned it paid for itself on the first job!

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I did my oversized 2-car, plus my 1-car, for about 200 USD and two days of work. That included the trim, but not the ceiling.


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