Sears 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener

mitch06November 11, 2006

I have a model 13953975srt1. Last night it stopped working. Neither the wired wall pad or remote will work door. When I push the open button I can hear a relay click andthe light comes on but nothing moves. Both the sensors on the floor are solid green and seem to be aimed properly. The back of the unit has a green LED that flashes 5 times and pauses then flashes again whenever I try to hit opener buttton.

I tried to jump the switches on back between the 1 and 2 points and when I do that the garage light flashes on and off 10 times but still no door movement. Chain is fine and trolly not hung up or hitting anything,

Any ideas?

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The small LED on the back of the unit flashing 5 times is the code for "RPM sensor or motor overload." The most common problem when you get this code is the trolley is jammed against the bolt in front of the motor unit. This is easy to diagnose. The door won't close and you can see the trolley. The RPM sensor is a small PC board near the front and to the left of the motor shaft. It's easy to replace and you should be able to buy it at any local door opener repair shop.

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If your light is flashing ten times when your jump the terminals or operate it from your transmitter or wall button it means something is obstructing your safety beam. Make sure both lights are glowing a solid green. Even the faintess flickering can cause the door no to close. Get down on your hands and knees and look close. Holding down the wall button until the door is closed will override the sensors.

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Thanks Don and doorguy. Unfortunately, it was the logic board that was bad so I had to buy a new opener as it was not worth the cost of the board versus new. Just for your info, he did attempt to fix by replacing the RPM but that was not the cause. He said when the RPM was bad the door would move maybe 6 inches and stop. Mine would not move at all.

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