Garage door opener sensors: a question of alignment

shortline1November 30, 2008

I have a Sears garage door opener that is about 14 years old. It has worked well over that time but occasionally, the sensors that prevent closure if something is blocking the door get out of alignment and have to be adjusted. I have always been able to do that until now. I have some construction going on in the house and the workmen piled stuff in the garage and knocked the sensors out of kilter. I have tried and tried to realign them without success. Any suggestions for how to do this? Thanks!

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Aligning the sensors is actually line of sight and isn't that critical. I would check to make sure they haven't knocked a wire off. Each sensor also has a small light that will come on so you can tell when they are properly aligned.

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I am having the same problem with a Stanley Quiet drive, that was installed nearly 14 years ago.

It opened just fine this morning but now it won't close because the sensor just keeps beeping and thinks that something's in the way, but there's nothing there. I've unplugged the unit thinking that that might help but it didn't.

I am also unable to manually close the door since the cord nearly ripped off when I tried to pull it to release the door from the opener. I can reach the unit & tried to release it without using the cord but it won't budge.

The beeping is coming from one side and I noticed that when I wriggled one of the wires, the red light flashed in unison with my wriggling. I did not see a light on the other unit, as was previously suggested.

We got our first real snowfall here and I really don't want to leave the door opened all night.


P.S. I'm sorry that this forum appears to be mostly about garage door openers but the was the most active place that I could find to ask for help as I'm unable to locate the manual and don't think I should have to pay $7.50 to download something I already own but can't find--which I'm sure will miraculously appear once the problem's been corrected.

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Thanks Don. I was away from home the past week, so could not try your suggestion until last night when I returned. I had not noticed that there were lights on both the sensors, the one on the receiver was not easy to see. After investigating, I found the light, but it was not on. I pulled the connecting wire off and inspected the pins. One was bent. Looks like someone pulled the wire and when they put it back, did not pay attention to the pins. Once I straightened the bent pin and reinserted the plug, the light came on and the garage door closed as it is supposed to. Hurray! Really appreciate your help, Don.

To BetsyPanda, don't know if you have the same problem, but I would carefully check the wiring. Good luck!

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