onehappymealApril 7, 2002

Any grandparents out there have any ideas to share with me about what they might like for a 50th Wedding Anniversary?


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How about a money tree? they don't have that, and it's 'creative' isn't it. Wrap 50 (of course), silver dollars in foil(or maybe not, keep in mind I'm winging this), attach to a tree of some sort, either real...could be REplanted, or artificial. I KNOW you could come up with a good way to attach the coins to the branches, hooks, wire sumthin'.

Years ago I recall hearing about an older couple getting a 'money tree' on a special occasion and it was a big hit. Your "please..........." encouraged me to think real hard . This is what I came up with on short notice. Good Luck.

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Thanks Lisa! That's the best idea I've heard yet (I've been posting in every relevant and some not so relevant forums all over this site!). The money thing itself they'll find weird, but I had a thought....I could do something with a "50 Years of Memories" theme, like photos or mementos. YES! Great idea!

Better get started, I've only got 4 months!

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50 years of memories...........even better, especially if they've got 'bucks'.

From here on out just refer to me as onehappymeal's 'Muse'

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If they (or you) have 35mm home movies of the family you could have them transferred to videotapes. We did that for my husband's grandparents and they loved it.


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Not sure what your budget allows, but my sisters and I are going to have a quilt made for my parents (not a very large one). It is going to have their wedding picture in the middle, then surrounded my their children's pictures and then surrounded by their grandchildren pictures. We will also have pictures of their animals they have had in the past. I'm thinking of having the back done is some kind of 50's theme. They got married in 1954.

Sheryl - NJ

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Sheryl - awesome!! The ideas keep getting better.

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Why not, if poss, send them on a holiday to the place they spent there honeymoon? a short break would be fun.

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What you give, depends largely on your circumstances...and theirs. If my children made a money tree, I would be insulted, they need the money more with the growing families. But circumstances are not always like that, some parents may be grateful for a gift of $500 or so and their children well able to give it. Some parents at 70 plus years are not physically able to go on a cruise....or have been every where they would want to go.
I suggest you give that which you alone can give....memories and reminders of past good times. The suggestions of having a photo album made is good....another would be contacting and arranging for a visit with some of the attendants at their wedding. Getting old 35mm film put on video....making a video of old pictures and snips of movies. Perhaps ask old friends do dig through their pictures and find photos and enclose a page of "memories"...then make a scrap book out of them.
I'll just bet they have more than enough "stuff" at this stage in life.
Linda C

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