condensation in pole barn

stu2900November 17, 2010

The inside of our 30' x 64' pole barn has been showing a lot of condensation since the weather started getting cold. The floor isn't finished yet. We've been advised to let the dirt settle until spring. Any suggestions?

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You will get condensation when the temperature of the barn's surfaces is below the dew point temperature. Typically, the surfaces will get chilled by the cold air at night, and then warmer, moist air will move in in the morning, resulting in the condensation you see.
Heating the barn, and hence the surfaces, above that point will preclude condensation, ventilation will help to evaporate it quicker.

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"Heating" the building using the warming sun rays and then venting using wind energy might do the trick if the moisture is a problem.

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We're heating with a corn burner and added ceiling fans and it seems to be working. Our neighbor who put up his barn last year said he had the same problem until the concrete was poured.

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I had to run a dehumidifier in my car garage after I started heating it. It works.

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