Reprogram two sears GDO remotes

philo1November 5, 2007

I am trying to reprogram two (ideally three) remotes for a craftsman garage door opener. I hope someone can help me understand what I'm doing wrong. I have a craftsman garage door opener model 139.53962SRT. I have two craftsman remotes (model 139.53681B) that came with the GDO and one vehicle with a factory installed remote. Until recently, all three remotes worked great. One craftsman remote stopped working so I replaced the battery. It didn't work after I replaced the battery. I followed the 'program receiver' directions (listed below) on the side of the GDO, without much success.

Instructions as printed on the side of the GDO:

Program Receiver for each transmitter

1. Press and hold transmitter push button.

2. Press receiver code button.

3. When opener light flashes release both buttons.

Erase all receiver codes

1. Press and hold receiver code button for 6 seconds. Indicator light will turn on.

2. Release receiver code button when light turns off.

I follow the directions to program receiver for the transmitter (remote), I can only get one remote to work at a time. I can program either of the craftsman remotes to work, but only one at a time. It seems like each time I try to program the second remote, the receiver code for the first is erased.

Here's what I'm doing and what happens:

I verified the first remote (A) worked. I followed the directions to program remote (B). I pushed and held the button on remote (B), then I pushed the code button on the side of the GDO. The light (LED) next to the code button light and stayed lit for several seconds (probably 6) then went out. The GDO lights did not flash. Remote (B) didn't work. Remote (A) didn't work. I'm guessing the vehicle opener doesn't work, but I didn't try it yet. I tried to program remote (B) again by following the same directions. This time the GDO lights flashed and remote (B) worked. So I tried to program remote (A), but the light next to the code lit for a few seconds then went out. I'm guessing it erased the codes again. I repeated this process several times with the same results. I think this is one definition of insanity - repeating the same thing and expecting different results. I did observe something in all my attempts. After I 'erase all receiver codes', then press the button on either receiver, the code light (LED) on the GDO flickers. But after I program one remote, then press the button on the other remote the code light (LED) does not flicker.

I tried pressing and holding both remote buttons and then pressing the code button, but that didn't seem to work either. One remote worked and the other didn't. I tried this several times, here's that insanity thing again, and it seemed random as to which remote worked and which didn't.

I'm guessing I missing something and any help will be greatly appreciated. Especially by my wife, who doesn't understand why her remote is the one that doesn't work.


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You aren't doing anything wrong. One of your remotes has reverted to an earlier technology and you can program one or the other but not both. You need to purchase a new (same model number) remote and then by elimination you can find the bad remote (the new one will work with one remote but not the other). Take the battery out and drop it in the trash. If not it can cause you more problems in the future.

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