Anything GOOD to say about Ashely Furniture?

passionartOctober 24, 2007

We're getting ready to replace our old worn out leather furniture. We are not ready to plunk down thousands of dollars on high end furniture; this is merely an upgrade that needs to last another 10 years until our kids are in college.

I have read through the posts here at THS and find many posts with negative things to say about Ashley Furniture - is it really that bad? I've looked all over the place and their sofas and chairs always seem to be the ones I like the best in terms of comfort, styling and color. I know you get what you pay for, but right now I'd rather get a couple of Ashley pieces than put up with the badly worn out pieces we have right now.

Does anyone have anything nice to say about them? Has anyone been happy with their purchase?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Correcting my own mistake in the subject my post......

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I also have heard negative things about Ashley furniture. We have a new Ashley store here and I walked through and was not impressed. I was looking for casual, but comfortable dining chairs to go with an antique pine farm table and have looked for months. While visiting my mother out of town, we were in a store and I went directly to these chairs and said these are what I want. They are a stained wood (oak?) with a muted paisley upholstered seat. When the salesperson rang up the purchase, I was surprised to see that they were Ashley, because they were made so well and were comfortable, etc.

So, follow your heart. We don't have kids at home, but we lost everything in Katrina and are starting over at 57, so it's a whole different ballgame this time around.

Good luck with your shopping.

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We have a Ashley store around here, I buy their stuff at a outlet store so it's super cheep, so far I've been happy, I got a desk for $90 and when I was putting it together most of the parts where real wood. I can't spend a lot, but for the price I'm happy with my Ashley furniture, I would say it's about like PB with out the huge price tag.

I got a small but full sized leather look brown couch for $300 it was light and the metrial is not really think, but I liked the style and my husband has a bad back so he was able to help me unload it. it might not last forever but it does look a lot better for right now when you can't spend a huge amount of money.

I looked everywhere and if price was no matter I doubt I could of picked out a couch that fit as well or a style I liked better. I do wish it was real leather tho.

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I don't know if Ashley will last 10 years. You may get 5 but I doubt you will get 10. My friend had an Ashley bedroom set for both her kids. Lasted 5 years before needing to be replaced. I would compare Ahshey furniture to Seaman's. I do like their style - that's the one good thing I can say but my friend was very disappointed with the quality.

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I had a good friend of mine who wanted Ashely in his home and asked me to see about getting a dealership on it as he wanted several pieces.

I went to another store to take a look at it, and it only took a few minutes before I could see this was not the caliber of furniture I wanted my friend to buy - and I certainly didn't want to acquire a dealership and stock it on my floor. I called him and told him that was quite possibly the worst furniture I've seen outside of Costco in quite some time.

If you buy it, just don't overpay. I understand not everyone can buy better furniture.

-Duane C.

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In a word, No.

I have seen some of it in my repair business. I certainly have not seen it all.

I can say that you need to be careful, very careful. What you see may not be what you think you're getting, as I've seen:
* Cabriole legs are hollow fiberglass
* Moldings and trim are plastic resins (don't hold finish well and shatter when impacted)
* Marble that is simply a thin veneer on MDF (a wood product)

I think the styles are very unrefined, even gaudy, but I tend to prefer classical styles.

Personally, if I was short on money and long on need, I'd drive 6 hours for IKEA rather than buying Ashley.

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The good thing about Ashley has always been the price.

We used to sell Ashley. I can only say their quality is very inconsistent. Meaning, some things will be well made, some things very poorly made and some in the middle. You will not be able to tell simply by looking which pieces will last the longest.

Most all of their wood and leather products are Asian import, if that's a concern. Fabric sofas used to be made here, maybe thats still the case but I'm not sure.

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hmmm...good...They have nice looking tractor-trailer equipment on the interstate.

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Believe it or not, the chairs I ordered from Ashley (they were from a furniture store, not an Ashley Store, not that that should make any difference) were delivered Friday and we are very pleased with them. The chairs are solid, the upholstered seats are very tasteful, a subdued print. They will go with an antique pine farm table that we have ordered. After I had ordered them and read all of these bad reviews, I was afraid I had made the wrong decision. Fortunately, I didn't.

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Bought a bedroom set from the Ashley 'Millennium' line and have been very happy with it. A close friend who is a manager in a large furniture store actually steered my wife and me to this line on the basis of GOOD quality and value. Ashley's lesser lines do seem to reflect the lower price... my Ashley couch purchased 7 years ago is looking kinda ratty, but the Millennium bedroom set is quite solid.

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We've sold Ashley for a long time. There are definitely worse brands out there...but there are some better ones, too. In leather furniture I am pretty sure that Ashley only has models in their higher quality Millenium label. We sell a ton of Ashley/Millenium, and our policy has always been to discontinue brands that cause us a great deal of service problems. Ashley is no worse in this area than other value brands. Buy the Ashley if you like it. Value Priced brands are what they say they are, but guess what, most higher end brands don't have a better manufacturer's warranty anyways!

It's silly to say you can't get 10 years out of a particular brand off hand. It almost completely depends on how you use it. Keep it clean and the leather will last. Don't jump on it and the springs will be fine. Don't drop it and the frame will not break (also when moving value priced furniture, lift...don't drag). You can get a decent sofa at $800 in leather, much less than that would be cause for concern. We also carry Lane (avg $1000 sofa) and Leather Italia (avg $1300 sofa). Our high ends (Thomasville, Bernhardt) average $2000 and up.

I've added a link to a good leather article for shoppers below.

Here is a link that might be useful: 8 Simple Facts for Leather Buyers

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In our new house our master bedroom is pretty wide, so I was thinking I wanted a chaise, but was convinced by the sales person that I would get more use and flexibility out of a chair and ottoman. She was so right. I bought two taupe leather club chairs and one ottoman for my husband and I to share - a place to sit, look out the windows and catch up on news of the day, etc. Never thought I'd get my husband to sit that long, but he loves it, and yes, they are Ashley. Very good deal.

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No. As an interior designer, I am trained in identifying furniture, and all you need to see is what is under the fabric, behind the vanity, inside a drawer, etc. The primary structure is all pressed wood, that they can call "all wood", because technically it is all a lot of glue, and a SOLID WOOD VENEER. Veneer refers to thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 1/8 inch, that are typically glued onto core panels (typically, wood, particle board or medium density fiberboard) to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, parquet floors and parts of furniture. Pull out a drawer from a chest of drawers and look inside. Look Underneath. Lift up one side of a sofa and feel how it twists in the middle. They won't last 5 years, I guarantee it. Go to an Ashley scratch-n-dent sale....then you can see how their pieces are constructed. It is all cheaply made, and cheaply sold. You really do get what you pay for.

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Can someone comment on Flexsteel Latitude model when compared to Ashley ?

I did not get good reviews about Ashley.
I have also seen both Ashley Millenium and Flexsteel Latitude models - UNDER THE RECLINING SOFA.

HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE TWO. IN MY OPINION flexsteel had a nice finish inside when compared to Ashley.

Still NOT sure which one to buy for my budget.

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