homelite chain saw won't start

michael_urbangardnerNovember 9, 2006

I have on old 330 homelite chainsaw. It has been sitting for sometime. It will only start if I poor fuel directly into the carburator or the cylinder. I have repleaced the fuel line and fuel filter, and the line that goes from the cylinder head to the carburator, I have also adjusted the carburator needles by turning them completely in and then backing then out one full turn.

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I am no small engine mechanic, but I was a car mechanic for 5 years. Sounds like it is still a fuel delivery problem. Did you try cleaning the carb out real good? Did it have fuel in it while is sat? If so did it have the fuel additive that is supposed to preserve gas over extended periods of time??

Sounds like a gummed up carburator.

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The 330 has a rubber boot (PN 93838-B) It may have disentegrated on you and will not allow vacuum from the engine to carb. I have this part and many more for Homelite. $10.00 which include S & H...

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i had the same problem and it was the ceramic filter on the inside of the gastank connected to the line going to the carb. also i had a bit ofsmall wooddust get into the tank when filling and had to take the brass screen out of the carb and clean it. replace the rubber gasket also..hope this helps..Al

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