Can a dog get too much exercize?

oakleyokJune 10, 2012

My Grace, an English Pointer, is getting thin. She'll be 8 in September, which is getting old for a large dog.

EP's are naturally thin, and they love to run and play. We have a large fenced in backyard for her.

Since my DH brought his office home last year, he's taking Grace and Boone out of the fenced in area several times a day when he checks his garden.

Grace - if you can run, why walk?

Boone - If you can walk, why run?

Grace was overweight when dh started taking her out the gate. Now I find her to be too thin. DH and I have a running debate over this.

Grace eats good. Feels good. For breakfast she and Boone share a can of food. We leave dry food out all day.

When I lay down with her, I can just feel her bones sticking out! Her ribs aren't showing when she stands though.

DH does make sure she doesn't overdo it in this heat, and she's finally figured out when she's had enough running (not constant running, but always on the go) she wants inside.

Should I be concerned or is this natural for a large, aging, athletic dog?

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You may want to get her checked for thyroid disease. ??

My sister's last dog would go, go, go, even though her joints were not too happy if she overdid it. Towards the end they had to limit her time for walks, because if it were up to her, she'd go for 90 min.

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From what you say, it sounds like she is getting the right amount of exercise now and that she isn't overdoing it. EPs are naturally thin as you say. You should be able to feel her ribs and if you can't see them when she is standing up she is definitely not too thin. She is probably perfect now and it is healthier for her to be a little underweight than overweight. If she is eating well and seems to be feeling well, things are probably fine. If you are worried, you can always up her food a little.

Just be sure she doesn't get overheated with the hot weather coming up. Dogs can suffer from heat stroke just as people can.

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Darn, I hate to mispell a word in my topic heading. ExerciSe.

G, I don't think it's any type of disease, she feels great and is always happy.

Thanks for the reassurance, Cyn. We definitely make them come in the yard or indoors when we feel they're getting hot. Boone however, he just lays in the shade all the time. He's my "hound dog." lol

I was looking at Gracie pretty good awhile ago when she was standing by the door. I can't see her ribs. It's just so sad that she's getting old.

Also, I noticed before she slimmed down and would have an active day, we'd have to give her meds for her joints. If she couldn't jump on the bed, we knew she over-did it. Now that she exercises daily, we haven't had to medicate her in a long time.

Maybe I need to get off my tush and do the same? :)

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Exercise is good for people and pets.

Do you take her for regular vet exams? Has she had an exam with bloodwork and worm check?

I'm not sure if 1/2 can a day is enough for her. Our pup is 10 lbs. and our vet recommends 1/4 cup twice a day for her.

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If she is now more active than before, it is possible she has dropped some weight. I have always owned large breed dogs ( Labs) and as they age was told by my vet that it is better to err on the side of JUST underweight vs overweight. Since large breed dogs are more likely to have joint/hip issues with age, it is easier on the body for them to be thinner. Of course, I dont mean "skinny". If she is due for her annual checkup- ask the vet when you bring her in. If not, follow your instincts- add a bit more food, watch her and see if she continues to lose, or call the vet and ask. You are a good "fur Mommy"- you will know in your heart if something is wrong :)

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If it were me I'd be taking her in for a checkup. Hanna has been losing weight and as a result seeing the vet. Her thyroid test came back normal. Blood work will be repeated in a couple more weeks. They're our babies. Better to be overly cautious in my opinion.

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