Does chocolate go bad?

soozFebruary 4, 2013

I "found" a couple of those Pound-Plus Belgium chocolate bars from Trader Joe's waaaaaaay in the back of my cupboard. One is dark chocolate and one is milk chocolate.

They are both unopened. One has a *best by* date of Oct 2010 and the other has a *best by* date of May 2011.

Yes, I sure am wondering about How on Earth could I have Forgotten Chocolate in the Cupboard! lolam

I know I could open them and see if there's any bloom or whatever, and I could open them and taste, but before I do that...does chocolate go bad? If not, I might just open it when a friend comes over tomorrow, and we can revel in these! :O)


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Chocolate doesn't go bad in the sense that it's unsafe to eat, it doesn't mold or spoil. However, it will bloom if the temperature variations are such as to cause that. That doesn't affect the safety of the chocolate, and it's still fine to bake or cook with, although it's a bit "off" if you're eating it straight. I think it's more a texture thing than a taste issue.

I've eaten chocolate older than that so I wouldn't hesitate to taste it. If it's good, eat it. If it has bloomed then there's a possibility you won't enjoy eating it by itself, bake some cookies or brownies and enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate!


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Chocolate is a little bit like wine. If it is good to start with and if you store it well, for some period it will actually improve. People don't age it, and with good reason, but if you get to try a perfectly aged bar, it's actually pretty good.

If you don't store it well, the fat will start to separate and as posted above, it will "bloom", which ruins it as far as I'm concerned.

The difference between chocolate and wine however, is that chocolate contains fat and wine doesn't. Fat will go rancid. So while you can age chocolate if you keep it in the right conditions, your cupboard is NOT the correct condition for it!

That's OK tho - you can probably bake something with it. I don't know what Trader Joe's is selling though, so if it's like their wine, I'm not sure I'd bet on keeping it.

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It didn't 'expire'. It is 'best by', accent on the 'best', as Peg Bundy said.

So maybe it would have been exceptional by 2010, but no way did it expire. I have found and enjoyed chocolate with a bloom and the Pound Plus is sooo good.

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if you are really unsure, send it to OKC, and I will take it upon myself to test it for you.



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We opened the dark chocolate tonight, and am happy to report ... it's ALL GOOD!

Okay, we didn't eat it ALL, but I did have a couple of pieces and they were just fine! The dark chocolate was the "oldest" so that means the milk chocolate is just fine too!

Thanks again, and Moni, thanks for offering to test it for me! :O)

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