An amusing little story

nancyl_ontMarch 6, 2002

I am very anxious for my grandkids to learn about our history as kids in this country are not taught the history of our country in the shcools. So I thought I`d start my 5-year old granddaughter off at the beginning, how the English, Spanish etc., thought they would reach China, Persia, etc., to trade for the much valued spices, silks and so on. Then a description of the little wooden ships, the long dangerous voyage, the strange land and people they discovered.. My granddaughter listened, then said "I hear they have discovered water on Mars" I had to laugh! So much for ancient history!

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I think your story is so cute! My husband, who works for NASA, got a chuckle out of it too! :)

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LOLOL! smart kid!

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