Programming an older Garage Door Remote

thirtycoupNovember 26, 2007

On 11/23/07 I purchased a Sears 315MHz Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener Model 139.53920D with the purple "learn" button. I bought it to replace my broken craftsman door opener which had the green learn button. However I can't get the 3 function remote from the old opener to work with the new opener. The old remote is model 139.53879.

The manual for the old opener says it is a "Security +" system and the manual for the new opener says it is compatible with all "Security +" remotes.

Following the instructions that came with the new opener to reprogram the old remote, I pushed the purple "learn" button on the opener and released it and the "learn indicator light" next to it comes on, then I pushed the large button on the 3 function remote ( actually I tried all 3 buttons on the remote ) and held it till the "learn indicator light" timed out and turned off but nothing happened, also no motor light blink or click's heard. I know the programming works because I erased all codes from the motor unit memory and reprogrammed the remote that came with the new opener and it worked perfectly.

Can you please explain how to program the old remote? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank's in advance for your help,


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I notice your opener says Security + Anti-Burglary. I have a sneaking suspicion here. Does the manual say it is compatible with all Security + or Security + Anti-Burglary? It seems the steps you took should have programmed the remotes if they were compatible. I would be talking to Sears and I sure would appreciate if you would let us know what you find.

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Yes, it look's like I will need to discuss this with Sears but I wonder what kind associate I can get to help me!! The kid that helped me find the door openers in the store didn't seem to bright!! Probably "Christmas help" - LOL

Anyway, regarding your question as to the anti-burglary feature, I did a little more research in the manual and I noticed it has the following statement:

Quote - NOTICE: If this Security + garage door opener is operated with a non-rolling code transmitter, the technical measure in the receiver of the garage door opener, which provides security against code theft devices, will be circumvented. The owner of the copyright in the garage door opener does not authorize the purchaser or supplier of the non-rolling code transmitter to circumvent that technical measure. - End Quote

I assume that is what you are talking about? Not sure I understand all of that, I would really like to e-mail a Sears Technical Support Center but I haven't been able to find one online yet. I will let you know if I find out any new information.

Thanks for your interest,

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Something is going on. I have now seen 3 posts where someone is trying to program an older remote or keypad with the new opener and can't. A piece is missing somewhere.

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I have the exact model that "Thirtycoup" has and I am having the same problem. My wife has a remote in her car (built in) that has always worked with our older sears openers. I recently replaced the opener on my side of the garage with a newer model (139.53920D). The remote that was in the box with it works fine but my wife's remote (in her car) doesn't work with the new unit and I can't seem to get it reprogrammed. I have tried a number of things but still no success. If anyone has a solution to this problem please let me know. By the way my son-in-law recently replaced his opener with the same model and he is having the same problem.


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Your problem is a little different. Thirtycoup was trying to program an old remote from her old opener to the new one and it is not going to work without an external reciever hooked up. The new remotes security plus or not are not going to work with different frequencies. What year is your wifes car and post the steps your using to program your wifes car.

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these posts are from 2007! It's now 2011 and I have the same issue. THe new Garage Door Opener is now Sears Model #139.53985DM. The "OLD REMOTE" is 139.53879. Same thing. Learning button is "purple", etc. But, I DID SEE SOMETHING ON THE Instruction Manual for the 53879. It says, "This remote ONLY WORKS WITH UNITS THAT HAVE A GREEN LEARNING BUTTON WITH A RED LIGHT"! You think that's the problem? The newer units with their "rolling codes" won't sync wiht the older remotes?

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The rolling codes is not the issue. The radio frequency has been changed.

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Thanks Craftsman for changing the freq on security + remotes...NOT. My old remotes say security + but do not work (do not reprogram) on the new opener.

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I asked the sales person at Sears and they said that you would have to buy a new 3 function remote if the numbers are not compatible with the openers. They said I could go online to find out if each are compatible with each other but I have yet to find the website to show me the compatability ability. Sears should state on the new openers that they are not compatible with older remotes before you buy. Or tell you to bring in your info on your vehicles and your old remotes and replace them for your or at least let you get something towards a trade in value.

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I am having same thing but i trying to use sam remote for mine and my brothers house

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No one knows what the "same thing" is.

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I have a Dasma garage opener model ST401.A07 dode 98361 with a Sears remote. How do I program the rmote for this opener model

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Dasma is a manufacturers association not a manufacturer of door openers. You need to check the make and model number a little closer I think.

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I have a craftsman 139.53879 garage door opener with 2 remotes. One needed new battery, the other was still working. In trying to reprogram the one with the new battery, I erased both remotes. Now I can't get them reprogrammed, no matter what I tried.

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