need new wall button for GD

arealhumanNovember 17, 2010

Have LiftMaster 14PC551A or 14SR551A [both #s on MotherBoard thingy]. These #s do not come up with anything on Garage Door Openers site.

This one looks exactly like the one I have:

Called GDO people and they asked me for my remote #: 973LM.

Said I need:

But this one is wireless and my old one is wired. What to do? This does not seem correct. Help

AND all I really need is the white platsic plate covering with the little bumb [bump finally fell off]

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What you need is a 'wall control' and what the door people recommended was a wireless keypad which is not the same at all. The one you say looks exactly like the one you have is what you need. The only thing is the wiring is not showing in the picture. It will have 2 wires going from it to the opener. The reason those first 2 numbers don't come up with anything is because they are part numbers. The model number for the opener should be on the end of the opener closest to the garage door.

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Thanks. Have ordered the correct part...I think, I hope. Will let you know.

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