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crabbypattyMarch 25, 2009

Does anyone remember a thick, yellow liquid vitamin called Homocebrin?

This was around in the 1940's through, I think, at least the 1980's. Kat

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I guess no one remembers.

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Hopefully no-one's planning on feeding their grandkids a tonic that's been around for 60 years or more, it might be great, it might not be. They were giving a lot of stuff they wouldn't dream of now....I remember when a brand of 'diet pills' had to be renamed 'laxatives' because that's really what they were.

I also remember seeing old magazine ads where they said "x out of ten doctors smoke (or was it recommend?) Camels, and went on to say: Being agitated is bad for you. Smoking calms your nerves (I suppose especially when you're already addicted) therefore, smoking is good.

If the product hasn't been around for a while, it's probably for a reason. We know a lot more now.

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I do remember Homocebrin, back in the 50's. Thick yellow oozy liquid. My sister and I LOVED that stuff!! We would always try to sneak the bottle out of the cabinet. I can still remember the taste. mmmm!! I also remember some cough medicine that tasted like it was 98% sugar, in a brown glass bottle. I know it had a lot of sugar because it would crystalize around the lip of the bottle. Man, those were the days. : )

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Checked for follow-ups for awhile, and finally figured no one had heard of the vitamin. Thanks to those who did reply.

Veggiec, I took Homocebrin liquid vitamins and gave it to my children for a long time. We all seemed to benefited from it. Since I can no longer swallow pills, I was hoping to 're-connect' with my favorite liquid vitamin.

I may post my quest on one of the other forums. Would like to know if it's still being manufactured - perhaps under another name.

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No offense, but my doctor and I talked about vitamins and "natural meds". He said he had doctor friends and with their educations and their knowledge about meds they are so desperate they take these things hoping they will work, knowing the reports and studies verify the fact that they don't. There was a report out last month that shows children do not need vitamins unless they are malnourished. They can even be harmful. I know vitamins containing iron can turn their teeth brown. The herbs that help women through menopause can be very dangerous because they are blood thinners. Some of the teas made from plants can cause hallucinations. I guess I am the only person that reads the newspapers and health magazines.

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You do also need to be careful about fat soluble vitamins, ie A,D,E and K- overdosing on them can be harmful too, because the body can't simply purge the excess as easily as it can the others.

Like I say, many of these products disappeared for a reason.

I was shocked to see "Ford Pills" which were labelled a laxative when I knew them, in an ad in an old magazine, same label virtually except they were "Ford diet pills."

Medicine and nutrition have gone forward in every respect I can imagine, not backward (if we as a species aren't listening it's not their fault) (ok there's the odd fatal drug etc) so those old standards disappear for a reason.

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I just happened to think of this yummy stuff tonight for some reason and decided to search the web. Saw all of your comments from '09. Our mom gave us homocebrin bought at Sievert's Drug store in Davenport, IA. We loved it

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I DO remember homocebrin and I too loved it! I looked forward to it every morning.. now that I think about it, I wonder which vitamins it contained and whether it was as beneficial as it was delicious. (I wasn't a very good veggie eater as a kid.)Is it still available?

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My mom gave my sister and I Homocebrin in the 1940's. I loved it so much I stole the bottle, hid in the closet, and drank the whole thing myself. I was 4 or 5 years old. When my Mom called the doctor, alarmed, of course, he said not to worry; I would be well vitaminized.

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I gave my children Homocebrin till they were 5-6 years old. They have grown up healthy. I was looking to see if the product was still available. I work with a special needs child who has a feeding issue. Liquid vitamins would be great for him.

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Can it be found anywhere today? I remember it too and just loved it and I too can still taste it... I really want it again... there has to be a way....

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My mother gave me Homocebrin when I was in grade school back in the 1950's. I hated it. But that doesn't mean it was bad. Why take it now ? What the heck was that stuff ?

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Years after Homocebrin vanished from the market, I would sometimes get a strong whiff of it when walking upstairs to my parents' house--a very pleasant memory, like the sour cherry taste of Cheracol before its manufacturer changed the taste to an obnoxious, artificial cherry flavor. Also popular--as a very effective remedy for diarrhea--Paregoric (licorice, bitter--tincture of opium--but "a spoonful of sugar made the medicine go down / in a most delightful way"). We used methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen) as a rub for sore muscles; Resinol and Unguentine for insect bites and sores, and Mercurochrome as a painless alternative to iodine for cuts and canker sores (always careful to let it dry then rinse off any excess). Leeches? Well, no, but we probably would have used them on bruises if the pharmacy had a jar of them. Somewhere I've got a license to sell cocaine from a pharmacy my Dad worked in as a kid! (The Bayer company used to market Heroin, too.) Them wuz the daze!

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We took Homocebrin as kids, and I remember it was pretty tasty. I'm curious to know its nutritional content, so I've looked for it multiple times, but I'm not finding it... I'd love to know if any of you are able to find it!

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I just googled it and found a list about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Homocebrin

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