Wood Garage doors

ss454-1969November 3, 2007

I would like a wooden roll-up Garage door in the Sacramento area. It seems most that I have found do not make them, that they order them in and really just install them at a given location. Has anyone bought on line and had a wooden garage door shipped to them that would fit a 7' high by 16' wide openning? If so, would you do it again? Our remodeled garage is to have a Spanish style exterior with hand plaster with cap and pan style tile roof, so the door should be very plain, no windows, and could be stained or painted to match the trim. Any ideas? Old Stair Guy

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The typical wooden garage doors here in the midwest sag in the middle over time. I wouldn't have one for that reason. What you see on This Old House sometimes is a wood veneer added to a metal door, that should stand the test of time. But be willing to shell out some $$.

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After not getting much help here I decided to do all the research on my own as to wood over steel garage door. Because my G/D faces East, & because I thought the wood would have the look & feel I wanted, I decided to cut costs in other places to handle the extra cost of going wood over steel! I made field trips as far south as (500+ miles) San Diago CA. & also Northern Calif. & here in Sacramento, Ca. It was very interesting to see & hear their comparisons of the other guys, etc. but when the chips finally feel I made what I hope was the best decision. When it's installed I will let you know if I did........ might be the first time ... HA! Elden

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