Dimensioning for firewood shed

commongroundNovember 20, 2012

I am going to build a 7'x16' firewood shed to hold about 6 cords.

I am using rough sawn spruce lumber throughout.

For the floor I am planning to use two 16' long 8"x8" laminated beams spaced 5' o.c..

Each beam will rest on two 12"x12" post spaced 13' o.c.

The beams will be cantilevered 12" at each end.

The span of the beams between the posts is 12'.

I will cantilever the joist 8" on each side.

The span of the joists between the beam will be 4'4".

I am planning to use 2"x6" joists spaced 16" o.c..

The floor will be made out of 1"x4".

I am going to stack the firewood 7' in height.

I have estimated a floor load of 200lbs/sqft.

Is my dimensioning OK?

Will this platform as designed hold the weight of the wood?


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How much space will be lost to your walls ? I would go with wider flooring or 3/4" tongue and groove plywood. I think you will find the 1x4 breaking over time as wood falls on it. The framing should work well as described.

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