Baby stuff.........too much

foggyjMarch 13, 2005

It's fun to listen to you talk about your grandchildren. Speaking of buying things! I myself had a child later in life(40)after having my "first set" at age 23 & 24. Then 15 years went by, and SURPRISE! Anyway, that surprise is 19 yrs. old. I saved all the baby things for his older siblings to use. FINALLY, I can pass them on. I never gave up hope, one of these kids could make use of the stuff!

Even so.......I have spent way too much on new stuff. I would guess that is common for a first time grandchild.(on DSI side too) My husband put a moratorium on buying any more "baby stuff".

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You're right there, Foggy! Nothing is good enough for the first child or grandchild. When my sister and I had our kids (2 months apart) my Mother went out a got 4 cribs, 2 for the cottage and 2 for their house, 2 playpens, 2 highchairs, 2 little rockers. So it didn't matter where we visited them, everything was there for us. But then all that stuff lasted through all the grandkids. Aren't grandparents just the greatest people?


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.....and very wise too!
Were you present in the delivery room for your grandchildren's birth? My daughter wants me there. It will mean traveling. (8 1/2 hrs by car.)I'm getting nervous just thinking about it! Her husband will probably faint or get ill!

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Foggy, sorry it took so long to respond. I had my GS for the spring break. There was not much time for computers, and when there was, I forgot to check the Grandparents forum.. No I wasn't there for his birth. He was 10 weeks early, and she was in labour for 4 days before they finally did the C-section. And my DD and her husband are very private people. It was their private moment together. I have to give him credit though, he stayed with her every moment except to grab a few quick naps. And he's a very good 'hands on' father.

This is probably way more info than you wanted........oh well!


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Sounds like you were busy! In a good way. 10 weeks early?!
Wow, that must have been scary.
This seems to be a lonely place, everybody is at the KT forum I guess.
It is silly to have accumulated this baby stuff so early. I guess subconsciously I'm more excited than I thought.

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If your DD wants you there for the delivery, you are so lucky. I would love to be with Kristen. Unfortunately this week she's been bleeding a bit, and we're a little concerned. Her doctor did another Ultrasound but could find nothing obviously wrong, so hopefully........? Later this morning I'm heading to Stratford to help out so she can rest instead of doing laundry, lifting the 3 year old or cooking. Then tomorrow I'm driving them back to her MIL's place for Easter weekend. We're all invited over for Easter dinner.


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Yes...hopefully, all will be OK. She's lucky to have you available to help. Good wishes to you!

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I just got back from dropping DD and GS at her MIL's. She really seems okay. We spent a lovely day yesterday, watching all the Harry Potter movies, eating take out, and just playing with GS. She said that she went through this at 6 weeks, but everything seemed okay then too. Hopefully this will be the end of the problems. She was complaining that she's having trouble fitting into any of her pants but she's not big enough to wear maternity clothes. She never got to wear them with the last pregnancy. She was barely showing when he was born.


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