Easter quandry

Cara_6March 20, 2002

We dont celebrate Easter. Two of our DIL's (and now our sons) do. That's fine with us. However, this year DH and I are trying to figure out what to do. For two sets of 4year olds and younger, we have always given the usual stuffed animal and candy.

These children have enough stuffed animals to open their own store. They completely ignore them. One is afraid of them.

And candy, they eat all the time. As far as toys go, you could not believe what they have.

DH says we have to give them something. I want to, but dont know what. What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance.

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Books are great gifts. Don't forget to sign your names and put the date in the books. Then they can recall when and from whom they were given.

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That's a good idea. The problem is, they have a vast collection. We would probably give what they already have!?
But, it's an idea. Thanks.

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Here is something I saved from last year. Maybe it will help.

Ideas for Easter:

From the Easter bunny:
 sidewalk chalk
 crayons/coloring book
 sand toys
 small pot with a baggie of soil and some marigold seeds
 small sized book
 balloons-blow up and fill the floor
 new swimsuits and swim shoes
 swim float for the baby, water wings, anything in that theme
 snorkle and goggles for the older child
 Sunscreen - colored kinda that fades so you cover every part
 headbands, barretts
 small beach chair
 NEW toothbrush and a new thing of toothpaste
 character pillowcases
 small flashlight
 a new kite
 fishing stuff
 t-shirt, socks
 waterpaints and paper to paint on
 kid-sized gardening tools and a watering can
 travel game (i.e., with magnets)
 personalized pencils or pens
 movie theater or blockbuster gift certificate
 bottle of fancy lotion
 new spiffy shoelaces
 harmonica for toddlers and preschoolers
 garden seeds
 sunblock lip balm
 stickers, stamps, stuffed animals, etc.
 glycerine soap with toys inside
 animal crackers
 plastic tub toys

To Do:
 Put change - nickels, dimes, quarters - in plastic eggs. Hide the eggs before they come to the house in the afternoon - each child is allowed a predetermined amount of eggs - so it is equal.
 Make rice krispies treats and instead of spreading them out in a pan form little nests out of them on wax paper on a cookie sheet. Put a few jelly beans in the middle, and a marshmallow peep on top of the beans.
 Make a stencil of bunny feet. Use a paper plate as a cut out. Then using some baby powder or carpet fresh create a bunny trail through the house to their baskets...little kids love that.
 But to make Easter FUN...Get the tiny fillable eggs and place notes in them sending them on a wild goose chase(if you plan it right-it could take up a lot of time so you can sit and enjoy your coffee) At the end of the chase buy a six pack of soda, sugary cereal, or just anything that they normally would never have. And thatÂs their treat. Planning the wild goose chase is easier if you start from the end, then backtrack. Write the clues in poem form if you can.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Open your closet.
And look in a shoe.

Place a few tiny treats along the way...maybe a keychain or crazy bone (remember those?)
Also do this at Valentines day. It takes about 30-50 eggs to make a good chase so start planning places to hide them. Use every room in the house. Hide some in the washer and dryer, in the
pantry, in coat pockets and under pillows. Even plan one for the kids to call grandmom for the
next clue. Send them to the neighbors yards or houses (get permission first)

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I think Adella Bedella has some great ideas. You don't have to buy the most expensive or biggest toys for kids to enjoy them. Some of my 3 year old's favorite toys are the cheap little things we buy at the dollar store for $1! If you have grandsons~my little one loves cars and trucks and dinosaurs now. We buy him the rubber or plastic dinosaurs from Wal-Mart for under $1 and he plays with them in the tub just about every day.

When we were little my parents would buy us a stuffed animal, a little bit of candy (because we were weird and wouldn't eat chocolate that much then :) ) and we'd usually get a spring outfit and windbreaker. Could you buy them something like that for summer? Or maybe like a bathing suit? Or a hat? A pair of sunglasses? Oh, and I remember my dad's old girlfriend always bought her boys some type of crafty kit for their age group and they'd all do them some day when it was yucky out. Even water colors and paper work great. Coloring books? Anything simple will make them happy.


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Do the families celebrate the religious aspect of Easter? If so, then maybe go to church with them

sounds like the kids have enough "materialistic" items

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I always wished the kids grandparents would give them a gift certificate good for one personal day with Grandma. Not from the babysitting aspect, but for the special time together so they will always remember special things. SHe never would, but I think that is what I will do.

ANother idea, goes back to the book idea, but record yourself reading the book. Then they can "read with you" whenever they want.


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Somehow, I seemed to have missed giving gifts at Easter. If the child was young enough to get an Easter Basket with candy and eggs, that was it.

But as it seems to be a tradition elsewhere, why not start a collection of Easter type ceramic figures or music boxes. Little Bunnies, etc. They may or may not play with them, but they are usually nice to put on a dresser or chest to look at. The 4 year old children should be old enough to appreciate them.

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Is there a restaurant around you that does "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" ? Our local mall does it the Sat before Easter & I took 3 3-6 yr olds one year & they thought it was great.


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Don't know if it would work for you, but my little niece and nephews (3 to 9) love to get a gift certificate. The store we get them from gives a plastic card that looks like a credit card instead of a piece of paper. The boys especially love to get them because they feel like they have their own "credit card" and can buy what they really want. They know the limit on the card and know once they have spent it all there is no more but still makes them feel all grown up!

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