Hey Jonesy! Good News!

laurelannMarch 12, 2005

My DD just called to tell me I'm going to be a Grandmother again in September! Oh wow! I am so excited! She's always been so private. I thought she wanted another one but she would never talk about it. But now it's official! Yay!!!!!!!!!!


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Congratulations! I know you are very excited, keep us updated. I can remember when my 1st was on the way. Each week I would take so much money from the weeks paycheck to shop for baby things. It was so much fun to pick up the tiny gowns, blankets, shoes and socks. It was a special time for me, still makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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The only thing I have to get is a secondhand crib. We had borrowed one for our first grandson, but gave it back when he went into a bed.
Mind you..........if she has a girl, that will mean buying sweet little girl things..........sigh!
To celebrate, I'm sipping on a coffee with Bailey's in it! Yum!

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I had two boys and always wanted a girl, but was afraid to try again. I would probably end up with a baseball team before I got one, if ever. It's funny, my boys were the first boys on my side of the family. My sis had 4 girls, my aunt had 6. Everyone but me. sighh

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I only had the one daughter, and sometimes wished I had more, but she was such a good kid, I was afraid to tamper with success. I'm sure the next one would have been Dennis the Menace. But now I get to play with 2 grandkids.


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Laurel, mine probably have been a good girl, I already had the "Dennis". :o)

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