problems with garage door opener

karen_22November 25, 2013

Hi, I have a craftsman model 139.53648srt2, bought a gear and sprocket kit, installed it, now it travels only 6 inches in either direction. tried my up and down adjustments. adjustments does nothing, and double checked sensors, and also checked terminal wires. what do you think could be the problem? Thank you

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If I recall correctly, when you take things apart there's a gear that goes down to the limit controls. I'd take a second look at that. I also recall those limit controls are kind of fragile. Anyway, that's where I would start.

Have you disconnected the opener from the door and tried operating it without the door connected?

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I have a similiar problem as described above, without the gear and sprocket installation. Here is the info: 1/2 HP Craftsman opener (139.536625RT mfg 2/97), has worked fine for the past 10 years. Nothing new has been added, sensors aligned, all treminal screws tight, all wire connections are secure. The unit will only raise and lower the door @4 inches. I tried to adjust each of the settings (up/down distance and the amount of pressure) but there to no avail. I suspect the controller board is suffered a fatal failure. Any Ideas?

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