Chamberlain won't open from car, wireless keypad works fine

psnaveNovember 28, 2006

Hello --

I'm trying to figure out why our Chamberlain Whisper drive is malfunctioning. Unit is 2 years old on a double door.

Opener works fine from wall location ALWAYS, and works 90% of time from wireless keypad location (meaning 10% of the time I have to enter code 2 times to get it to take it and raise door).

However, for the past 8 months or so it is totally inconsistent with my Homelink system in my car. Upon returning home and entering driveway, many times the door will not open. I have tried pressing and holding, pressing quickly...but often times it just will NOT open, and I have to get out and use the wireless keypad outside the garage door. The Homelink does normally work fine when I am leaving the driveway and CLOSING the door (well, most of the time anyway.

The problem seems to get worse in cold weather (just what you don't want).

Does this sound like an antennae/reception issue or a logic board issue?

Thanks so much!

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Yes, it sounds like an antenna issue, since the antenna is connected to the logic board, the only fix is to replace the logic board, or you might try extending the antenna to the front of your garage. Use a piece of wire similar to the gauge wire on the antenna, cut and splice into the antenna and run the wire on the ceiling all the way to the front of the garage and see if it helps.

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Other than buying a new wireless opener, have you tried resetting the binary switches? These are set to "0" or "1". This is pure speculation, but before you start WRITE DOWN THE CODE for wireless opener. Carefully switch each one back and forth. If no success, do the same for receiver on the inside motor.

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If you unit is old enough to have switches fort code setting pitch it out and get a new rolling code system.

The switch code units have been obsolete for years and easily defeated by anyone that cares to try.

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