Are my grandbabies bonded to me?

mpp798March 15, 2008

My daughter had full term healthy boy/girl twins early May. The first 7 months I stayed with her six days on, two off because of her husbands truck driving schedule. We all get along great. I even slept with her in the same room with the babies and at night would pass the babies to her from their cribs to nurse. (they still wake up 2-3 times each to nurse) I shared equally with all babycare except feeding. (so you can see I've spent lots of time with them) The last three months she has gone back to work and I take care of the babies three consecutive days a week for 14 hours and spend the night. (I also see them in-between) They have always gone to me the same as they do their parents and never cry when their parents leave. However, they never seem excited to see me. Even when I've been away a few days. When they haven't seen their father for a few days they get so excited when they see him. And when their mom comes home from work they get so excited too. But I feel just a step up from a friendly visitor. I love them so much and spend constant quality time with them, read to them, play with them, sing to them, etc. and I wonder if for some reason they aren't attaching to me. When they wake up in the mornings and I get them up they never seem upset that it's me. And I can take them from either parent without a fuss. But I've always heard how special grandparents are to children and I wonder why I'm not. Any ideas or suggestions for me?

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Relax, they are so bonded to you. You are so special to them that you seem like the parent to them, not the grandparent. They see you more than their parents, so when dad shows up after being away, it's a surprise and a treat for them, same for mom coming home from work.

They don't get excited when they see you because you are the most stable person in their lives and they trust that you will be there for them day after day. This will pay off in the coming years.

Enjoy them, you are getting such unconditional love from them.

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Who they're excited to see right now doesn't mean that much in the long run. My daughter almost completely ignored her dad when she was little. She adores him now.

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